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The Second Annual Summer Concert Series Returns to Meaford

The Meaford Summer Concert Series which takes place in the Market Square (beside Meaford Hall) will be returning this year with another exciting lineup that combines acts brought in from outside the area with local artists to create a free event on select Friday evenings through July and August.  Once again the series has been organized by Chris Scerri (now Chris Scerri  Last year’s series was the catalyst that initiated an impressive growth in live music locally, and, incidentally, was the reason for this website coming into existence.  Once again a number of sponsors have stepped up to make the series possible, led by the Meaford BIA and the Meaford Hall & Culture Foundation.

“One thing this year that’s different,” says Chris, “is that we will not only include young local artists, but there will be other opening acts to give local artists a chance to participate.”

Cry For Ophelia beat out a dozen other contenders to win the Battle of The Bands

The Ted Brownlow Band

The youth contingent last year was an important part of the series, showcasing some of the incredible talent that has emerged from Patrick Delaney’s music program at the high school.  It included the Ted Brownlow Band, a previous GBSS winner of Battle of The Bands, and Cry For Ophelia, a band which won this year’s Battle of The Bands and has been booked to be part of Meaford’s Canada Day Celebration.

Another change this year is that the same artists that appear as openers for the headliners at the main stage in the Market Square will head across the street afterwards to perform for the evening at The Leeky Canoe, which is one of the sponsors of the series.  Last year it evolved that visiting bands enjoyed themselves so much performing in the Market Square that pretty much all of them extended the night by going to The Leeky afterward.

One of the by-products of last year’s series was that the headliners who were brought in to play, most of whom had never performed in Meaford before, liked it so much they have returned often to play Meaford again, helping to create the buzz which is making the town’s reputation as a centre for live music.  The most notable of these is Tyler Yarema, often performing with Gracie.  They have become an integral part of the fabric of live music in Meaford and Tyler has worked with Chris to create a number of amazing shows through the year.

“I’m always hoping they’ll come back to Meaford one way or another,” says Chris of the out-of-town artists, “whether at a venue or a festival.”

You’ll learn a lot more details about the concerts by keeping an eye on this website so stay tuned.

There has been a lot of growth in interest in live music in the past year, not only in Meaford but in the surrounding area.  Meaford’s reputation for live music has grown to the extent that it will be included for the first time in this year’s Peak To Shore Festival sponsored by Blue Mountain Village.

Celebrate Meaford Tonight at Market Square

Bring your lawn chair and a non-perishable food item down to the free concert tonight at Market Square and join in the celebration of our great Meaford community.  The last of the Meaford Summer Concert Series brings us the rocking rising country star Marshall Dane and three more young local performers to brighten up a summer evening.  Above all it brings us together as a community to celebrate the special place we call home.

The last big concert brought out community together

The last big concert brought out community together

A few weeks ago at the last concert, host Chris Scerri urged the audience several times to make a point of visiting local businesses while they were downtown to see what Meaford has to offer.   That was one of the main goals of mounting this series, to enliven the downtown core on a Friday night, and it is succeeding.  Many people in the audience expressed gratitude that something like this was happening.

The other main purpose of the series was to showcase the youngest of our local talent.  That too was a big part of the last concert’s success and will be again tonight, with featured performances from Abby Woodhouse, Emma Wright and Gillian Hallman, three outstanding young vocalists and homegrown talents.

marshall dane head shot

Catch These Interviews on Country 93

Ted Easton and Donna Henry of Country 93

Ted Easton and Donna Henry of Country 93

Donna Henry, who co-hosts the morning show with Ted Easton on Country 93 in Owen Sound will be talking to Chris Scerri on Thursday morning (Aug. 25th) about the big Marshall Dane show coming to the Market Square on Friday.  And then on Friday morning (Aug. 26th) she’ll be talking to Marshall Dane himself.

Marshall Dane

Marshall Dane

Both interviews will be in the 8 a.m. hour where every day Donna covers all the latest news from Nashville and puts a local spin on it with Nashville North.

station_logoTune in to 93.7 on your FM dial, or listen to the interviews online! Country 93 is also available in the Owen Sound area on Rogers Cable at 107.3 on their cable FM service.

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Marshall Dane Will Close The Summer Concert Series With A Bang!

The Meaford Summer Concert Series at the Market Square has been getting better with each one and the final concert, starting at 7 on August 26th, is going to top them all.  Especially if you like country music.  Dynamic country rocker Marshall Dane will headline, and the local youth element of this show features the best in town.

Performing since he was 15 years old, Marshall Dane was already gaining fans with his own soulful blend of roots and rock music. Later he moved to Toronto and began making his mark as an accomplished singer/songwriter and as word caught on of his dynamic vocal abilities, Marshall started earning radio play and commercial work and built ongoing demand for over 300 shows annually.

marshal daneHis pilgrimage to Nashville, obligatory for any aspiring country star, resulted in co-writing credits with the likes of Jason Matthews and Willie Mack as well as Canadian country superstar Paul Brandt. Following a 2014 performance at Boots and Hearts, his career continues to erupt on the country music scene. Celebrated by his fans and peers, he continues to receive critical acclaim, touted by Cashbox Magazine Canada as a fan favourite; “The cool thing about Marshall Dane is women love him – men want to be like him. This guy is the real deal.”

Abby Woodhouse at GBSS Idol

Abby Woodhouse at GBSS Idol

The contributions from young local performers stick with the country flavour.  Abby Woodhouse has a tender country style that won her this year’s GBSS Idol competition.

Emma Wright

Emma Wright

And Emma Wright did an outstanding performance, as she always does, at this year’s Canada Day celebration, which coincided with the first in this summer concert series.  These two performers exemplify the future stars that are being nurtured in our town, partly due to the teaching of Patrick Delaney at GBSS (and in Emma Wright’s case tutoring by the amazing Tara McKenzie) and partly because of the great supportive audiences of Meaford.

So circle the calendar – August 26th – bring along a camp chair and a non-perishable food item and join the community party!

Ok, all set?  Now form a line and start step dancing to this lively Marshal Dane tune:



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