Bambalamb Inspiration At The Barn

There’s really nothing like the open mic jam at The Barn that happens every Sunday.  Partly it’s because there’s nothing like The Barn, an inspired cooperative that brings together so many positive forces that the building itself resonates with a life-enhancing vibe.  Partly it’s the fact that it happens on a Sunday midday and the big windows let in the light from outside.  The evocative artwork that decorates the walls also adds to the ambience.  The fact that it is a non-alcohol, family oriented event contributes as well to the special flavour of the place.  But of course the most important aspect is the music, always piloted by a congenial and talented host (this month it’s Jayden Grahlman) and driven by the heartbeat of the supremely talented Bambalamb Kidd.

Try to remember that feeling when you were very young and you woke up each morning filled with joy and anticipation of the day?  Bambalamb shows you how to reawaken that feeling.  When he adds his percussion to any performance it is lifted to new heights.  Any performer, no matter how reticent or inexperienced, is transformed and inspired, and the audience, always attentive and enthusiastic, is transported as well.

Imagine talent like this adding to a performance:


This month’s host, Jayden Grahlman, makes it that much better.  He has the ability to hear what someone is doing and to provide just the right accompaniment on the guitar.  He knows when to step back and when to lay on the ornamentation and he can always find the right key without having to be told.

Because of these performers, supporters, mentors, and the audience itself, there are many who come to the jam at the Barn to listen and go away thinking, “Next week, I want to try to do something.”  They know they will be encouraged, accepted and loved.

There’s nothing like it anywhere.

The jam runs from noon to two every Sunday and, along with a full slate of inspired performances from all ages, there are healthy organic delicious snacks and beverages available.

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