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There are no record stores in Meaford but there are local artists who are creating recordings.  As with local authors, some of them sell their works on the Internet, others of course will sell them at gigs.  But there are two locations in town where, if you are looking for music by a local artist you like, they just might have it.  Admittedly they are unlikely places to look for music.

THE GARLIC HUTOut on Highway 26 heading toward Owen Sound you’ll pass the Garlic Hut, outlet for the produce of Sunrise Organics.  Owned by Joyce and Mark Grahlman, they sell their organically grown produce as it comes in from the fields, specializing in several varieties of garlic (including one called “music”) and onions so sweet “you can eat them like an apple”.  On the counter where you pay you’ll see a collection of CD’s.  They are the product of local artists.

Mark Grahlman explaining the benefits of weeds

Mark Grahlman explaining the benefits of weeds

Mark explains that they support the arts in Meaford just as they support all individual endeavour that makes this town great.  When it comes to music they make a point of buying it themselves before they sell it, rather than on consignment, as an extra measure of support for local talent.

Their support of local music is understandable given that, along with edible produce, they have provided the town with one of its most outstanding musicians, in the form of their son, Jayden Grahlman.  Given their predilection for natural produce it’s probably safe to say that Jayden is not the result of genetic modification but you might wonder about that when you hear the quality of his talent.

Alongside recordings that Jayden has been involved with, including E.T. Rhino, The Downright and the soundtrack from The Portrait, they sell the work of Drew McIvor and The McKenzie Blues Band.

The Garlic Hut is open Wednesdays through Sundays in the afternoons, lunchtime to suppertime.  It’s the end of the season and they will only be open as long as the produce holds out so you’ll have to look elsewhere for local music once they close up in the fall.

CDs available at The Source on Sykes

CDs available at The Source on Sykes

Luckily there is one other outlet, although it features at the moment just two artists.  One is Meaford’s favourite troubadour, Allan Johnson, who can be seen at least once a year performing his anthemic “Meet Me In Meaford” at the Scarecrow Family Festival.  His recordings are displayed alongside those of  internationally known soundtrack composer, Toronto born Steven Vitale.  Recordings by these artists can be found on the counter of The Source/Stuff To Read on Sykes in the downtown core.

THE SOURCELocal musicians take note.  As the local music scene builds and you are looking for a place to offer your recorded work to your fans, these are two local merchants who will help make that happen.

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