Canada’s Northern Frontier In Story and Song

This Friday, October 13th, Meaford Hall presents David Newland’s Northbound: The Northwest Passage in Story and Song.   His show, which has been playing to rave reviews, brings together his original songs with video and photographs, and traditional Inuit music provided by his five-piece band Unchartered Waters and the Inuit duo, Siqiniup Qilauta, roughly translated to “the sun’s drum,” throat singers Heidi Langille and Lynda Brown.

A Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, David spends his summers working as a Zodiac driver for Adventure Canada, which has given him a unique appreciation of our North.  He brings his talents as a singer, writer and photographer to create what he tells Judi Bobbitt of the Meaford Express is  “emotional immersion … the images and music move people. The story is, this is part of what we claim as ourselves that we don’t really know. To talk about the high Arctic is to help us to know ourselves.”

He promises the Meaford Hall audience will “hear sounds and stories they’ve never heard before. The collective feeling at the end of it is appreciation. For travel, for one another, and for the beauty and fragility of the earth.”

“His songwriting—which celebrates the basic, small-town, homey pleasures of things like bare feet on a gravel road, strawberry season, and autumn leaves—while universal, is precise and beautifully integrated into the music in a way that seems inevitable.” says Barry Hammond in Penguin Eggs.


Click on the album cover to sample or download David’s album from iTunes.


In the North, David Newland, who has been a singer, story-teller and poet for thirty years, has found his niche, a place where he can merge his talents with his great love of nature. 

This show has allowed him to bring Canadians a connection to the Artic and awaken a childlike wonder akin to the lucky passengers who travel with him on the Adventure Canada tours.

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