Catch Sean Cotton Thursday At The Leeky

Sean Cotton

This Thursday, October 6th, Sean Cotton will be performing at The Leeky Canoe.  A central figure in the music scene in Muskoka and son of country singer Neil Cotton, Sean brings years of experience and his own sound to his music, drawing from influences as diverse as Bill Withers, Van Morrison and Waylon Jennings.

Having spent many years touring as a duo called The Undesirables with Corin Raymond, and working as a sideman on recording projects, Sean settled in Burk’s Falls and immediately began to become involved in the local Muskoka music scene.  He formed a cooperative called Tree Ring Records with several other area musicians with the goal of recording and promoting local talent.   He’s brought his experience to bear as a record producer, radio host, arts community developer, and performer.

He’s rigged up his guitar case to double as a percussion instrument with a microphone set inside the case and a cymbal placed on the other end as he drums with his feet.  Along with original tunes inspired by life in Muskoka, he covers classics in Pop, Rock, Blues, Country and R&B genres.

Sean has been an important part of the Eaglewood Folk Festival for the past five years.  In this video clip from the festival, he performs his original song,  “I Don’t Mind The Rain”:

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