Celebrate New Years’ Eve With Bored Of Education at The Leeky

Tickets are going fast for the New Year’s Eve party this Saturday at The Leeky Canoe, with Bored of Education.  At just $10 per person, and featuring $5 draft and cocktails, it’s a bargain.

Bored of Education is Meaford’s favourite rocking party band that features covers from several eras.  Jack Watson, lead vocalist, can cover a wide range of styles from rock to jazz and he does a great Satchmo imitation.  Rich Fletcher, lead guitar, will be playing for the third time this week at the Leeky, having accompanied Chris Scerri at the Tuesday night jam and joining Brian Miessner on Thursday.

Brian Miessner at The Leeky on Thursday and Saturday this week

Brian Miessner is a relatively recent addition to the band on bass and vocals.  He has a way with Beatles tunes, having toured with North America’s first Beatles’ cover band.  He’ll be hosting his own party on Thursday at The Leeky which will include a selection of his original songs. to feature some of his own songs along with hits from his former bands, “Liverpool” and “Aerial”.

The rest of the band on Saturday is filled out with Tom Thwaits on keyboards and Mike Reid on drums.

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