Celebrate Robbie Burns with Nua at The Dam Pub

If you have any Scots at all in you, as many in this area do, you may already be aware that today is Robbie Burns birthday.  Traditionally, on or about this day, a Burns Supper or two is organized by admirers of the famous Scottish bard.  It usually includes some haggis, recitation of poems by Burns, and some fine Scotch Whiskey.  The area repository for fine Scotch Whiskey, The Dam Pub in Thornbury, is holding their Robbie Burns night tonight with all of the above, plus the music of an award-winning traditional music trio, NUA.

The band’s name is an Irish word, meaning “new”.  They are three accomplished players: fiddle player James Law, guitarist Graeme McGillivray and bodhrán player Jacob McCauley.  While drawing on Scottish and Irish folk traditions, they innovate with their own original compositions, hence the name.  Fiddle virtuoso James Law plays lead, with the others accompanying him.  He and Graeme McGillivray write most of the songs.  . But the trio works to make sure that the contribution of each member is equal,as  Jacob McCauley explained to Trad Connect, “We wanted to have three members that equally share the spotlight so to speak. Where each member can take on multiple roles depending on what is going on musically. Obviously when it comes down to it, we only have one melody player, but the guitar and bodhrán both have their moments to speak melodically instead of just rhythmically. The fiddle also has times to lay back and keep a more rhythmic feel or a more subtle drone.”

The trio released their second CD, “Flow” this past summer to glowing reviews.

Check out this original song for a taste of how melodic a bodhrán can be :

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