Chris Scerri Joins Songbook Cast

Chris Scerri has been asked along on a mini-tour of The Great Canadian Songbook, a musical show that had its debut performance in Meaford thanks in part to his efforts.

The show, which was a big hit in Meaford, will be playing in Sudbury this Friday night, Sept. 9th, followed by a show in Cobalt on Saturday night, Sept. 10th.  The concept had been developed by Tom Barlow and Johnny Max as a tribute to great Canadian pop music and featured a cast that mixed music veterans with newcomers to  bring some great old tunes back to life and had the Meaford audience dancing in the aisles.  When Chris had arranged to bring the show to Meaford he added Drew McIvor to give the show a local flavour and was happily surprised when he too was asked to be part of it.  His rendition of Bryan Adams’ “Cuts Like A Knife” proved he belonged in the cast and now he has been asked to join them for these two concerts this weekend.

The producers have released this video compilation of clips from the Meaford show, which brings back great memories for those who were there.

Chris will be back home in time to host his usual Tuesday night open mic at The Leeky Canoe and local fans can also look forward to an evening with Chris, Victoria Yeh and Pete Devlin coming up on Sept. 22nd at The Leeky.

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