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BIO PHOTOThis website was created and is maintained by Bill Monahan.  It’s purpose is to provide an up-to-date reference for live music that’s happening in Meaford.  It features info, pics and videos of upcoming shows, profiles of local and visiting musicians, and reviews of shows.  It contains a lot of inner links to let you get a sense of the music scene in Meaford.  It doesn’t look beyond what’s happening in Meaford because we want you to notice what’s happening here.  I borrow almost all of my photos from Facebook pages and I link to You Tube for videos, hoping I’m not transgressing any copyrights.

The best way to contact me, if you live in Meaford, is to say hello cause I’m around.  Let me know if you want to get the word out about any live music you know of that’s going on here in Meaford.  All music is mentioned and listed if I know about it, and sometimes appraised if I hear it.  All music has something to offer.  If you don’t see me to tell me about it, send me an email at  Or several.

I’m working with Chris Scerri to try to foster more live music here in Meaford.  He is working with the Municipality, the BIA, and many local businesses to promote the advantages of live music and create more activity.  My job is to let the world know about it.  We want to take advantage of the abundant local talent,the world class auditorium at Meaford Hall and the visiting talent it brings, and the the great variety of creative expression that exists locally to generate a lively local music scene where homegrown talents are celebrated and young musicians can see role models in the local artists.  Chris runs the open stage every Tuesday at The Leeky Canoe so you can meet him there, or send him an email at