Corb Lund At Meaford Hall

Corb Lund and the Hurtin’ Albertans are on their way to Meaford, a stop on their tour to promote their latest album, “Things That Can’t Be Undone”.  It’s gonna be fun.

Corb Lund is touring his new album with his band The Hurtin' Albertans

Corb Lund is touring his new album with his band The Hurtin’ Albertans

An endless stream of great songs wrapped in a honky tonk sound will have you tapping your feet and grinnin’ at the wordplay.  Corb Lund has a way of making you laugh and making a point at the same time.  You’ll nod your head and say, “Damn right!”

The best summary of his live show comes from Mike Ross, celebrating the hometown boy’s concert in Edmonton earlier this year:

But here’s the magic: What could’ve been impossibly corny came off as authentic, smart, right on the mark. There’s just a tinge of irony in the way Lund wore his black cowboy hat, making his entrance wearing a mask like a train robber, or Nash the Slash, before doffing the disguise and getting down to business. The band worked without a setlist, selecting hits from a 21-year career, even taking requests.

 Along with irony, there’s a hint of doom about Lund’s work. There were songs lamenting specific instances of the erosion of rural life – particularly in the laconic yet tear-jerking ballad S Lazy H he did solo late in the show, one of a few new songs from his latest release Things That Cannot Be Undone – songs about environmental catastrophe, also the end of the world.

 And where’s Jesus? Jesus isn’t here. Very much unlike so many male American country stars, Lund does not often invoke God’s name in song; when he does, his religious songs tend to be satirical, even cynical. Bible on the Dash was another fun romp: more smokin’ guitar solos from the amazing Grant Siemens, the slap of the bull fiddle bass guitar from Kurt Ciesla and the snap of satisfying Western swing from drummer Brady Valgardson. But the song reveals a dark point about Christianity in America. In short: kinda scary.

Corb Lund has a ton of videos on You Tube; here’s one in praise of cows:


The show starts at 8 p.m. on Tue Sept 20th.  Contact the box office for tickets

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