David Francey, Canada’s Folksinger, This Saturday at Meaford Hall

As a songwriter David Francey has learned the art of keeping it simple.  He’s characterized as a folk singer because his songs reflect his early years of making a living with his hands as well as his admiration of the beauty of the Canadian landscape.  They are set in tunes that have the familiar ring of tradition sung in a style that reflects his Scottish roots.

Simplicity isn’t worth much unless it says a lot, and the impact of his songs is sufficient to have won him several awards and to inspire covers by significant roots artists.  In 2004 it was first prize in the Folk Category of the 9th Annual USA Songwriting Competition.  In 2010 it was the John Lennon Songwriting Contest.  He’s won three Juno Awards and has had his songs covered by such artists as The Del McCoury Band, The Rankin Family, James Keelaghan and Tracy Grammer.

He’s  known for straightforward songs that tell honest stories of real people and real places.  As the Edmonton Journal has noted, he’s “admired for his less-is-more approach to writing. It’s amazing how he manages to address deep stuff with such spare ingredients.”  Greg Quill of the Toronto Star says his songs are “small and beautifully crafted pieces of work that have made Francey both a folk festival favourite and something of a latter-day Canadian poet laureate.”

David Francey, Canada's folksinger

David Francey has lived the life he sings about

His authenticity goes beyond artistry.  It’s bone- deep in the man. His website bio points out that he immigrated to Canada from Scotland when he was twelve  and spent more than 30 years toiling in the Toronto rail yards, the Yukon bush and the Eastern Townships’ construction sites – hitchhiking across Canada at least three times in the process – all the while quietly chronicling in song the triumphs and hardships of life in the trenches.   It wasn’t until he was forty-five that he took to the stage.  Francey, as many by now know, has been documenting the lives of the poor and working class almost his entire life.

A perennial favourite at festivals, David Francey is considered by many Canada’s quintessential folksinger.

The show at Meaford Hall is this Saturday, Nov. 5th, starting at 8 pm, tickets are $30

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  1. Gillian says:

    From grade nine student Max Breadner who knocked our socks off at last year’s GBSS Idol to David Francey who didn’t take the stage till he was forty-five it makes me happy reading about all these musicians.

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