David J. Russell

David J. Russell is so busy, playing guitar somewhere new every day, we in Meaford always feel thankful when he comes around to see us.  And he does often.  He is hosting an open stage through the month of July at The Barn on Sundays and he periodically takes his turn in a series of great accompanists that are joining Chris Scerri at his Tuesday night open stages at The Leeky Canoe.  When he co-hosts with Chris or hosts an open stage on his own, he is always generous enough to add accompaniment to someone who comes up from the audience to perform.  There are few songs he doesn’t know and every song he does know he plays exceptionally well.  He can sing with the best of them and is a much better songwriter than he gives himself credit for.  The real surprise with a guy as talented as this is his overriding modesty.

He plays regularly with his band The Rockafellers.  If you get a chance to catch him, with or without the band, make a point of showing up.  He has a gift that he is continually giving to all of us.

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