Drew Wright Plays The Leeky on Saturday Night

Drew Wright

The man who was acclaimed by Jake Gold, judge of the former TV series Canadian Idol as having real star potential, is playing this Saturday night at the Leeky Canoe.  Drew Wright, after finishing third in the 2008 competition, enjoyed a few years of whirlwind celebrity which included attracting 13,000 people to a concert in his home town of Collingwood and a 26 date tour with the other finalists.  He had been a fan favourite during the competition and enjoyed an international presence on the Internet.  He had benefited from an in-depth mentoring session from Bryan Adams as part of the TV show and had a taste of what the music business is like.  And then he came back home to settle down in Collingwood.

After the excitement from the TV series abated Drew put together a band called Fall and Divide.  He is no stranger to bands; he had already worked through several when friends persuaded him to try out for Canadian Idol.  Initially he had no interest in it, but it was a stimulating experience and he made some new friends that are still in his life.  And there is no denying that to have reached the number three spot in the competition is an indication that he is capable of delivering well beyond the average performer.  His one regret about the show is that he focussed on trying to please the judges and the audience and he wishes he would have been more true to himself.  Fall and Divide was an expression of that and, as happens so often, the band disbanded after a year or so primarily because the heavy prog/rock sound they favoured didn’t jive with the current musical trends.

In the past year he has fronted a band that has performed some sold out shows at the Gaety Theatre in Collingwood and have paid honest tribute to his favourite inspirations: a recreation of the Pearl Jam MTV Unplugged Sessions and the same treatment of the Nirvana unplugged MTV show.

Adding these performances to the Canadian Idol songs gives you an idea of the flexibility and talent of this local musician.  Not only will audiences be treated to a great show on Saturday night, but they will get a chance to enjoy Drew again when he is part of the “Rockin’ The Hall” show at Meaford Hall in December, which will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Meaford Hall Cultural Foundation.

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  1. Gillian says:

    Drew Wright’s “one regret” is one of those lessons we all seem to have to learn and re-learn… and re-learn. He came to play at Beaver Valley Community School soon after Idol. A generous and talented man. Thanks for the article.

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