Emma Wright Steps Into the Spotlight With Her First Single

Meaford’s Emma Wright has released her first single at the age of thirteen.  It is an original song called “Heroes On The Wall” produced for independent release in the Lora Bay Studios of Damage Entertainment.  It is available for download at emmawright.net.  The download costs $1.99 with twenty-five cents of the cost going to CCISF (Canadian Critical Incidence Stress Foundation) to support Post Tramatic Stress Disorder initiatives.

With this in mind, the song seems to be about soldiers gone off to war, an apt theme for a local girl who has grown up in the vicinity of a military training base.  The narrator gazes out the window at the water dreaming of the heroes captured in pictures on the wall, standing “proud and tall” to give her “hope and inspiration”.  Emma’s impressive vocals sound like someone much older.

The song was created by Emma with help from Doug Adams, owner of Damage Entertainment and David Rosenthal, a veteran keyboard player who has worked with a variety of performers that include Billy Joel, Cindi Lauper and Robert Palmer.

While this is her first foray into professional recording, Emma has been a favourite young performer in Meaford for many years, always tapped to play Canada Day festivities and other events.  She brought the house down recently at Meaford Hall with her rendition of Allanah Myles“Black Velvet” as part of the Rockin’ The Hall concert.  She will be re-uniting with many members of the band from that performance on Canada Day this year, this time at Blue Mountain Village where Chris Scerri has put together his all-star cast to perform under the name of True North and has asked Emma to make a guest appearance on Saturday evening.  Emma will have her own time slot at the Coca-Cola stage there, opening the ceremonies with another local favourite, Jayden Grahlman, at 12:30, playing until 2 pm on Saturday.

While she is still young enough to have a whole lifetime to develop a career, Meaford is rooting for this first foray into the world of professional music for this young talent.

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