An Evening With Victoria Yeh

Victoria Yeh has played often in Meaford since being invited here by Chris Scerri last summer, but this Friday is the first opportunity to hear her in an extended performance.  She’ll be playing at the Red Door Grille in the Meaford Motel through the supper hour starting at seven and running into the evening to 10 pm.  This presents a great opportunity to hear the many voices of her violin in one evening.

Victoria first came one summer night to join Chris at his Leeky Canoe open mic.  She accompanied him on a few songs and everyone sat up and took notice.  Her violin playing has a stirring emotional quality.  She is good at recognizing a tune and adding her own voice to it, jamming.  The violin is so much like a human voice, in the right hands it can “cry and sing”.

Everyone who came up to play that night wanted Victoria to play with them as well and she gamely took on all styles, adding something special to every tune she accompanied.  This virtuosity comes from a long experience as a violinist that has taken her through classical training with a special teacher, a prog-rock band that redefined boundaries, corporate shows that range through jazz and pop classics, and it comes from a musical curiosity that takes her willingly down any path presented to her.

She’s returned frequently since then to join in on the open stage.  She wowed Meaford audiences at the Meaford Summer Concert Series and the recent Rock The Hall Christmas Gala Concert with performances that were all to brief.  This three hour window to perform gives her a chance to stretch out and pace the evening.


The Red Door Grille and Pub is a comfortable small room offering a variety of interesting entrees and appetizers, with the emphasis on local suppliers and fresh ingredients.  Victoria says she will start with some classical music through the dinner hour.  “I’ll also be romancing with some classic Sinatra and Broadway,” she says, “and slowly move into more jazz and perhaps pop/rock later in the evening.”  She’ll have time to include some original compositions as well.

Victoria will play some Jean-Luc Ponty, the French jazz composer and violinist who has collaborated with a variety of musical explorers from Frank Zappa to Stephane Grappelli.  He is known for his virtuosity and only the best violinist can play up to the standard he sets.

“I will be taking requests too!” she says.

This is the third in a music series of jazz and classical artists performing Friday evenings at The Red Door Grille.  Still to come are classical guitarist Jamie Edmund Baxter on Jan. 20th and honky tonk piano player Tyler Yarema on Jan. 27th.

This type of bistro performance is a rare treat for Meaford and a good reason to try out one of the town’s newer restaurants.

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