Irish Mythen Presented by Summerfolk

James Keelaghan, musical director of Summerfolk, has written about Irish Mythen:

“Irish is a powerhouse. If you combined the output of every generating station in North America, it would still not come close to matching the energy in her voice. It’s a voice built to silence a Dublin pub.

I have rarely seen a performer more in command of herself or her audience. The darkness of some of the material is tempered by a between-song personality marked by deep humour and a sharp, quick wit.”


Summerfolk is sponsoring Irish Mythen in concert this Saturday at the Harmony Centre in Owen Sound.  For fans of authentic folk music, of stirring songwriting, or of performers who honestly and powerfully engage their audience, this is a special occasion.

Originally from County Wexford in Ireland, Irish Mythen is now one of Prince Edward Islands most valuable exports, travelling the world to mesmerize audiences with her powerhouse vocals and engaging stories.  She told Jim Day of The Guardian in Charlottetown, “I like to look for the person who maybe came here because his girlfriend wanted to…that’s the person who I want to have to go out (after the show) and go ‘wow. If I don’t leave everything on stage, I’m not happy with what I’ve done.’’

To listen to, browse and buy albums by Irish Mythen on iTunes, click on the album cover.

She has spent most of this year touring Australia in which she tallied “92 days away, 54 performances, 36 broken guitar strings and 10,751 km in a vehicle.”  She encountered legions of fans who were familiar with her material and at one festival caused a traffic jam when more people wanted to see her than the roads could accommodate.  After several triumphant shows she was asked to return to Australia to open a national tour for rock star Melissa Etheridge.

From her original training at the “original rock school’’ in Ballyfermot, she travelled the world, performing in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Ireland,the U.K.,the Middle East and Australia. According to Jim Day, “A tattoo on her left arm records in Roman numerals the date June 6, 2006, marking when she first came to Canada to play the Stan Rogers Folk Festival in Canso, N.S.”  She settled in New Brunswick in 2009, before eventually making her home in P.E.I.

Her shows are legendary as reported by LastFM: “A true entertainer who is known as being a triple threat, her show highlights her various talents – the proficient and talented metaphorical singer-songwriter, the storyteller who’ll grasp your attention and who has the ability to bring you on an incredible and emotional journey as well as the comedian with a joie de vivre who’ll have you laughing from the very beginning until long after the end of her show.”

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