Larry Jensen and Pete Devlin Have A New Live Recording

Larry Jensen enjoyed the vibe the last time he played the Leeky Canoe and he’s back there tonight, with Pete Devlin, this time with a brand new recording that is not yet available anywhere else.  The two of them recorded the songs live off the floor and so the album is called Live From The Shed.

album-cover-larry-jensenLarry has achieved legendary status in Owen Sound after many years of playing music and writing songs that reflect life in our area and poetic reflections of life in general.  He has worked with Pete Devlin before, whose sensitive guitar work provides an ideal aural setting for his songs.  Along with poet Rob Rolph, he serves as Owen Sound’s poet laureate.  In 2010 a number of local performers contributed to “Demons and Saints”, a CD compilation of his songs done in a remarkable variations of styles.

Here’s a great example of their dual guitars and Larry’s poetry, one of the songs from the new album:

If you just can’t get enough of Pete Devlin, head over to Heartwood Hall in Owen Sound tomorrow night where he and his band will be part of special night of Christmas music featuring a lot of local talents, called “Santa With Muscles”

TAKE NOTE as well that the Friday Live Music nights are still happening at Captains Corner from 6 to 9, even though Amanda Dorey’s open mic night is in hibernation mode until spring.  Tomorrow night’s feature is Jayden Grahlman, always worth hearing.

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