Learn to Play Guitar or Ukelele

If he teaches half as well as he plays, students will love to learn guitar or ukelele from Jayden Grahlman, Meaford’s boy wonder, organic home grown talent.

Guitar lessons, Meaford

Learn from the best (and with Jayden, it’s bound to be fun)

He’s not only proficient technically, he has a feel for the music that makes the difference between a good guitarist and a great one.  Hopefully some of that which makes him so special will be passed along to those who study with him.  He’ll take on kids and adult students.  Call him or email before he’s completely booked!

“String up your guitars and Ukuleles. Meet my former vocal studentJayden Grahlman. I adore and respect this wonderful person. If you want to learn some guitar, and uke.. you get that, plus an awesome bro who has integrity and really really knows how to mentor string people. Go on and hit him up. HIGHLY RECOMMEND…” – Tara Mackenzie

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