“Lily Of The Valley” by James McLaughlin

James McLaughlin

James McLaughlin performs his original songs and covers at various open stages around Meaford and the surrounding area.  Many of his songs have a quirky, stream of consciousness feel to them, set in intricate guitar stylings.  This is his first attempt at something in the line of a country song, with a simpler structure than his past creations, but still that aspect of mystery in the lyrics.

James first picked up the guitar when he lived in Canmore, Alberta, working as an electrician’s apprentice.  He had been a saxophone player until one day he discovered a singer-songwriter from near his home town in Paris, Ontario, named Ross Tracey.  He still considers him to be one of the best songwriters he has ever heard, and that first encounter made him decide to sell his sax and buy a guitar.

In Canmore, James worked for Intrawest, the company that operates the Blue Mountain Ski hills.  When his company transferred him to Collingwood he found a residence in Meaford and has been appearing locally since then.

This is the second in a series featuring local songwriters in simple video performances.  Also check out “Cold Fish” by Zoe Young. 

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  1. Shauna says:

    Great song!! sexy singer!!

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