Massie Hall Brings Christina Martin Fresh From Her European Tour

Next Saturday, June 17th, Massie Hall is presenting another internationally acclaimed artist in concert.  Christina Martin, just back from a tour of Europe, is bringing her oversized talents to this undersized intimate venue.

With several European tours, multiple awards and TV soundtracks to her credit, Christina Martin is an artist whose star continues to ascend.

A sampling of critical praise gives you a sense of what to expect:

Edmonton’s Vue Weekly praises her “vivacious personality, brightly sparkling voice and unerring love of hooky choruses and peppy rhythms.”

Critic Jason Rankin, in the Windsor Lance, says, “This is a singer-songwriter who observes, feels, does not judge, and relays what she finds…with a voice high, strong and bittersweet, the affecting Nova Scotian sings of search, vulnerability and the concept of home.”

Bob Mersereau of the CBC, calls her “one of the area’s best lyricists, with an ability to get right inside the heart of her characters and listeners.”

From humble beginnings in Nova Scotia, Christina Martin has grown to be a consummate music professional, recording on her own independent label (Come Undone Records), touring the UK, Ireland and Europe regularly where she continues to build her fan base, and forming strategic partnerships along the way.  While exemplifying the successful indie artist building her independent label, she has also grown creatively, with each succeeding release expanding her creative palette, working with longtime producer, collaborator and life partner, Dale Murray.  And she doesn’t stop at that.  Going beyond music business success, she is an artist who is motivated to make a difference.  “Artists can open people’s hearts and minds,” she says, “Performing and touring provides a great chance to get them to support things.”  Her primary passion in that regard has been for some time and continues to be mental health.

Throughout her current tour she has partnered with Center for Addiction and Mental Health to increase engagement and awareness.  As far back as 2011 she used her release A House Concert, which contained live acoustic versions of songs from her first three studio albums, to raise awareness and funds for the Canadian Mental Health Association.  In 2014 she released an EP entitled Remember Me, featuring five songs inspired by and dedicated to individuals affected by dementia. Co-produced and written by Dale Murray, the EP won the 2014 Music Nova Scotia Award for Inspirational Recording of the Year.  And the first single from her newest release, due out later this year, is a song called “Lungs Are Burning”, which takes a hard look at the Fentynal crisis.  “The song is an modest attempt to bring light to the heavy topic of addiction, and reflects my own personal sense of loss, longing and a deep void,” she says, “and the ache I feel from losing my brother and friends to addiction and mental illness.”

Her brother suffered from a bipolar disorder and “it wasn’t easy for him to talk about it”.  Tragically his life was cut short from an overdose.

“Every album I put out and the work I do with Dale Murray in the studio, every time, gets more liberating.”

“I’ve been very conscious of addiction my whole life.  It’s something we are all affected by.  We as a society are always craving something.”

She recognizes addictive behaviour in herself as well.  “I’m a bit of a workaholic,” she says, “I have a habit of consuming myself in all these details.  When my brother and my father passed away I went right to work.”

Her work, even if it feels like an addiction to her, is certainly a positive force.

“Every album I put out and the work I do with Dale Murray in the studio, every time, gets more liberating.  We get stronger with time.”  And she appreciates the great gift she has in Dale.  “I have such a loving relationship.  To be able to express that means a lot.”

And so her work expresses the ying and yang of the positive and negative, all as part of a personal and artistic growth.  One of the songs on the upcoming album, “When The Dark Meets The Light” explores that dichotomy.  It was co-written with her friend Matt Epp, with whom she recently toured.

“For me,” she says. “that song is a reflection of how it’s been this dark period but with persistence finally these light moments come along.  You learn that you have to keep going.”

At Massie Hall she will be joined by both Dale Murray and Matt Epp to make it an even more special evening. Christina will be promoting the work of Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Foundation on her Canada tour dates, and offer a free CD to anyone who signs up to be a monthly sponsor for CAMH.

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