Meaford Hall is Brimming With Live Music This Fall

On Friday night, the last of the Meaford Summer Concert Series ended with a big Tom Barlow concert in the parking lot outside Meaford Hall.  But in the Opera House upstairs a full slate of great music is packed into the next few months.

The biggest show of the fall season, Jann Arden at Meaford Hall in October is already sold out, to no one’s surprise.  Already catching on with advance sales is the next big show from Chris Scerri, this time a tribute to The Last Waltz, a favourite concert movie from the seventies in which The Band featured an array of stars and friends.  For the Meaford Hall show, Chris has assembled the very best local talents to reproduce the excitement of the original, in a band comprised of Drew McIvor, Jayden Grahlman, Jon Zaslow, Beaker Granger, Jared Koop and John Hume .

While The Last Waltz uses local talent to reproduce the sixties, country music shows off our local country stars early in September at Meaford Hall in the Bruce Grey Country Jamboree Meaford Style.  Produced by Bognor Jam, the show is hosted by the True Country Show Band, who hosted last year’s Grand Ol’ Opry at the Music Hall of Fame Auditorium in Hepworth.  In addition to the True Heart Trio, this band of great country players will be backing up local Meaford talent.  Amanda Dorey and Scott Almond will both get a chance to perform in The Opera House with a great band.

One other talent at the Jamboree Meaford Style is a visitor with local connections.  Barrett Moore lives in Whitby but knows Meaford from visiting with his grandparents Marilyn and Richard Morris.  At 13, he fits right in with Meaford’s penchant for young developing talent.  Emma Wright, Max Breadner, and even eight-year-old Sequoia Koop have wowed audiences locally along with other young vocal talents.  They have set the bar high.

Barrett told Helen Solmes for The Meaford Independent that singing is his passion and he has been taking formal training since the age of seven.  She commented, “To hear Barrett perform music by some of the great adult voices makes one wonder how a vocalist so young can sing with the depth and soulfulness of the likes of Leonard Cohen and Adele, yet he does.”

While The Last Waltz promises to be local stars giving their take on the original songs, Meaford Hall is bringing to town a lot of tribute performances by seasoned touring professionals.  Classic Albums Live is back, this time with Creedence Clearwater Revival  Chronicle Vol. 1.  Other tributes include PIGS, from Victoria, who are bringing lasers and a giant Mr Screen to bring the Pink Floyd songbook to life, Abbamania, and a tribute to Oscar Peterson by  the Rémi Bolduc Jazz Ensemble.  That’s a guaranteed gift for jazz fans.

Meaford Hall will bring us some very special nights in the next few months.

Like The Lemon Bucket Orkestra, Canada’s only balkan-klezmer-gypsy-party-punk-super-band. They started in 2010 as Toronto street buskers and now tour the world.

The night the Kreuger Band and The Kreuger Girls plays Meaford Hall will be another brilliant all-star night of local talents, with Rob McLean, Larry Dickinson, Mike Weir, Sylvie Kindree, Josi Elder, Rod Ramsay, Rob Elder, and Trevor MacKenzie joining Bryan Leckie to perform his brilliant songs.

And The Men of the Deep, the famous male chorus that toured with Rita Macneil will be here from Cape Breton.  To belong to the singing group, which originated in 1967 as a Centennial project, a man must have worked in the mine. The ages of the men range from the mid-thirties to the founding members in their upper-seventies.  They present Cape Breton music in epic proportions.

Another Opera House show this fall brings you a taste of the far north with David Newland, who has assembled a five-piece folk band, momentos and stories, into a show he calls Northbound | The Northwest Passage in Story & Song.  It’s a journey that celebrates and reexamines our relationship to the mythical North, from the Franklin expedition, to the High Arctic Relocations, to the new realities of the 21st century Arctic life.

These are just the highlights of the fall season at the Opera House in Meaford Hall. If you live in the area you know that what happens in Meaford Hall is just a fraction of the live music that fills these hills all around the shoreline, but Meaford Hall is also the premier room to see an excellent spectrum of talent.  It’s exciting to know that so many local performers (24 of them mentioned above) will be part of the programming at Meaford Hall this season.  Each featured local performer has talents that the hall with its great sound crew will bring out the fullest.

And there is lots more happening all the time at Meaford Hall, including an international film fest, burlesque and ballet by Christmas.  Check out the full listings at:

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