Noah Zacharin At The Huron Club Tonight

Noah Zacharin has been a significant part of the Toronto music scene for a couple of decades, known for his excellent guitar playing and vocals.  Although he isn’t fond of the “folk” tag, it is at the festivals and small clubs that he finds his audience and his style is reminiscent of coffee houses and the 70’s singer-songwriter days when audiences were enraptured by the personal ruminations of people like Jesse Winchester and Eric Anderson.  He’s had his share of critical accolades over the years: “one of the best songwriters this country has produced”; “deserving to be mentioned in the same breath with names such as James Taylor and David Wilcox”; “an understated classic…musical versatility and lyrical depth” ; “like Bruce Cockburn, Ry Cooder, and Bonnie Raitt, Noah Zacharin possesses a virtuoso command of the guitar…world-wise songwriting.”; “The heart of a poet, the mind of a lyricist, the skill of a composer, the fingers of a musician…”

But such praise doesn’t always pay the bills and until earlier this year he supported himself with his day job as a dentist working in the disadvantaged neighbourhood of Regent Park.  Finally in January of this year he took a fateful leap and became a full time musician.  Finding steady gigs locally was no problem since he was already well known and able to play classic Toronto venues like Fat Albert’s, The Free Times Café, Hugh’s Room, and The Cameron House, where people gather to hear acoustic and original music.

House concerts and small venues gave him places to play in the wilderness beyond downtown Toronto, taking him to places like Bancroft, Killaloe, Maynooth, and at the end of June to Collingwood, where he played The Huron Club for the first time.  Finding an appetitite for his kind of original work, he’s now back for the third time, playing tonight from 8 to 11.

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