Northern Country, Amanda Dorey’s New Band

This Friday at The Corner Café in Thornbury, Amanda Dorey will be showcasing her new band, Northern Country, which brings together Dave Anderson and Dan Hilts, along with drummer Dale Harbotle and The Bambalamb Kid.  This caps a great year for Amanda.

With regular performances at The Leeky Canoe and hosting the open mic nights on Wednesdays at Captains Corner, Amanda Dorey has been building her audience this past year.  New fans are being attracted to her distinctive country vocals, applied to some classic country tunes as well as some more contemporary songs.

Northern Country, with Amanda on guitar and vocals, will continue this blend of classic and new country with some bluegrass, blues and little bit of everything thrown into the mix.  Dave Anderson and Dan Hilts bring that bluegrass feel to the band.  They performed in Meaford this past summer, billing themselves as Remember When. Dan plays bass, guitar, mandolin and does some vocals and David Anderson plays guitar, 5 string banjo, mandolin and does some vocals.  Joining up with Amanda Dorey will be a bonus all around.

“We are all feeling very positive and excited about this new venture,” says Amanda.

Amanda Dorey with The Bambalamb Kid

Another important element of Northern Country is the presence of percussionist The Bambalamb Kid, who has supported Amanda on several dates through the summer.  He’ll be teaming up with her again on Saturday night for a show at Jazzmyn’s in Owen Sound, where she has recently become something of a regular.

A highlight of the year for Amanda was her inclusion in the Grand Ole Opry Hepworth North Show in the fall.  A tribute to the old classic country held in the Music Hall of Fame Auditorium in Shallow Bay, this show was an ideal setting for Amanda’s talents.  Her voice has an authenticity that works well with the classic country songs, and the show enlarged her reputation among fans of real country music.

Through the summer and fall Amanda hosted a weekly open stage at Captains Corner, on the patio until the weather grew cold and inside until just a few weeks ago.   She also booked a variety of acts that gained popularity here locally and came back to play at The Leeky or again at Captains Corner.

Scott Almond plays Captains Corner on Saturday night

The final live music night for now at Captains Corner is this Saturday, hosted by Scott Almond, another authentic country voice from Meaford.

Just fifteen minutes down the road from Meaford, drop in to the Corner Café on Friday night to see what Amanda’s new band sounds like.

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