Pickin’ and Grinnin’ All Weekend Long

Any fan of bluegrass music knows that sometimes the most accomplished players seldom play outside of the kitchen.  They would rather get together with other pickers than stand up in front of an audience.  The nature of this music, originating from bands like The Stanley Brothers and Bill Munroe back in the last century, is that it is played for the pleasure of the players more than anything.  It’s ideally suited to amateurs because someone with any level of musical ability can contribute.  If you are a basic player you can strum along with the rhythm and if you are a virtuoso you can go to town picking on the mandolin, banjo or guitar, or burn up a fiddle with hot licks.  Even if they are doing it mainly for their own pleasure, it always makes for lively entertaining music for an audience to enjoy.  That’s why it’s a great opportunity for lovers of music to take in three days (and more) of it this coming weekend at the Meaford Fairgrounds.

Every week at the Legion in Owen Sound the Queen's Bush Bluegrass Club gets together to jam

Every week at the Legion in Owen Sound the Queen’s Bush Bluegrass Club gets together to jam

It’s the Annual Bluegrass Campout from July 15th to 17th, presented by the Queen’s Bush Bluegrass Club.  Named after the old colonial name for the Bruce Peninsula, the club has been meeting every week to jam for the past fifteen years in Owen Sound.  They organize several concerts every year and this Annual Campout is their big summer event.  It’s the first time they have held it at the Meaford Fairgrounds.

You’ll be like a fox on the run trying to take it all in, with ten bands entertaining through 3 days and nights. two Barn-Dance nights (in the Chicken Shed), an Open Stage Jam and a full Sunday Gospel Show.  Whoo-ee!

Tickets are available only at the gate and are available in a number of packages depending on how long you want to stay, from $10 for Sunday afternoon to $40 for the entire weekend.  Come early tonight for the free Open Stage sponsored by the Meaford and St. Vincent Agricultural Society.  Stay through the entire weekend, with free parking, rough camping available at $15 per night per site, and vendors and craft tables throughout.

The music will be non-stop, with the following featured bands:




Moonshiner’s Daughter





Willow Ridge














Riverbend Gentlemen




Blurry Pickers




Griddle Pickers




and Tim and Doug…check out this tasty example:

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  1. Nancy Carlisle says:

    Ilive in apartment in fairground in meaford sat out on balcony the weekend and enjoyed the music hope your back next year

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