Remarkable Talent Jenie Thai Plays The Red Door on Friday

This Friday at The Red Door Pub and Grille you’ll have a chance to discover a brilliant gem in the form of Jenie Thai.  Her piano playing won her a Maple Blues Award in 2016 for “Best Keyboardist of The Year”.  In 2011 she was one of thirteen finalists our of 16,000 submissions in the International Songwriting Competition.  And her voice ranges freely over three octaves and deep into the recesses of your heart, bringing to mind Norah Jones and Maria Muldaur.  She’s the kind of performer who makes you hold your breath and stop everything just to listen.

Raised in a musical household in Edmonton, Jenie began piano lessons at the age of five and continued her study through a couple of decades mastering the classics and jazz.  Among other schools she was accepted into Paul McCartney’s international music school based in Liverpool.  Constantly touring, she has criss-crossed the country on festival stages, in blues bars, theatres, lounges, and living rooms. In spring of 2012, Jenie started the “Couch Concert Series”, a continuing project where she arrives on strangers steps to play a living room show in exchange for donations and a couch to sleep on.

It requires some restraint to avoid applying over-the-top adjectives to this remarkable talent.  Her website quotes CBC producer C. Martin from 2011: “Energetic, vibrant, talented, dynamic and diverse… Jenie Thai is all the regular words you might use to describe an amazing young musician only more so… [she] dances and jumps and sways while she sings and plays her piano… Jazz, pop, folk, blues, ballads and screamers, Jenie is well worth it no matter what you want or need in a show… look to her recordings to savour the range and depth she brings to her song writing skills. Acoustic, electric, solo, full band, coffee shop, festival stage, Jenie Thai does it all in style.”

That about sums it up, along with this, one of her terrific original songs:

The shows at the Red Door start early at seven and are over by ten, so you’d be wise to arrive early to grab a seat.

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