Remembering Sherry Snider

This Sunday at The Barn Co-op a special musical tribute has been organized to honour of the memory of Sherry Snider an active and highly valued member of the coop who very suddenly passed away this past week.

Jim and Mary Lang have set up a special open mic at The Barn running from 3 pm to 6 pm, following the regular open mic which, hosted by Kailey Hawkins, runs from noon to two.  This second open mic will be specifically to remember Sherry, who was a consistent attendee at The Barn’s open mics and always brightened the room with her enthusiasm and ear-to-ear smiles.

A founding member of the co-op, Sherry, a retired nurse, was also a central part of M.E.N.D, a unique health collective that teaches the use and benefits of medicinal cannabis.  A recent interview with Sherry by director Kim Saltarski for an upcoming documentary called M.E.N.D. with Dignity captures Sherry’s generous spirit. See

The open mic, in this instance, will include a pot luck dinner.  They are asking you to bring your music, stories and food contributions to help make it a special afternoon that Sherry would appreciate.

For more information contact Jim Lang at 519.270.4380.

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