The Shane Cloutier Band

The Shane Cloutier Band is from Collingwood and includes  bassist Johnny Roy and drummer Skip Wamsteeker.  Vocalist and guitarist Shane Cloutier cites as his earliest influences bands like Motorhead, Zeppelin and Ozzie.  He teaches guitar and puts the emphasis on classic rock.  The band has released an album called Scars.  While he likes to wail out guitar on stage with his chugging band, his recorded material displays a softer side, with the soul of a real songwriter.

Shane Cloutier is the type of guitar player that can cover Santana, David Gilmour, and even Steve Stevens (Billy Idol’s guitarist) and get a sound that exactly replicates the original.  When he plays off his bassist, Johnny Roy, the two of them seem to drive each other to greater heights.

As a live act, The Shane Cloutier Band provides a high energy, and extremely high quality performance well worth catching

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