Shawna Caspi Joins Tragedy Ann and Cody Zevenbergen at Desboro Friday Night

This Friday, August 25th, the next in the Desboro Music Hall summer concert series is a triple bill with Tragedy Ann, Shawna Caspi and Cody Zevenbergen.

Tragedy Ann is a duo featuring Liv Cazzola on accordion and Braden Phelan on guitar and ukulele.  They have evolved from being a couple with separate musical directions to a duo creating their own brand of “thrift folk”.  They define this as “an amalgamation of well-worn musical fabrics that are repurposed and given new life in a bold and dynamic fashion” Combining Liv’s folk background with Braden’s rock sensibilities, they have created a sound which they describe as “when grit and groove meets softly swaying silk”.

Tragedy Ann has spent the summer touring around Georgian Bay.  Paul Corby, responding to one of their shows, said,  “A collective fresh breath was taken as Tragedy Ann took the stage and emanated romance, harmony and joy with such charm and dynamic interplay that the hush became palpable. The applause rose in wave upon wave throughout their set.”  This concert in Desboro brings their summer tour to an end.

Shawna Caspi is always on the road.  Her stop at Desboro hall on Friday night is near the beginning of a tour that will take her through the northeast USA, midwest USA, and Vancouver Island for much of the fall, supporting her new album release, “Forest Fire”.

Shawna is known for her ability to connect with an audience.

Lynne & Ian Pregitzer, who have put on more than 50 house concerts in Sherwood Park, Alberta, commented “She shares her charming personality and infectious humour, and gives her audience a splendid musical journey and emotional experience.”

Lynda Norman of the Kelowna Arts Council said that days after the show they were still hearing from people who are saying things like “Loved the music and the fun that Shawna shared with us the other night,” and “I’ve been looking for this for a long time – I feel like I’ve found home again.”

Kamloops found her “engaging and spellbinding”. And Lillian Wauthier, Artistic Director of Toronto’s  Acoustic Harvest, said, “I am impressed by her beautiful, life-affirming songs and her warm, confident stage presence. She has a lovely voice and an ability to draw in an audience not only with her intelligent and poetic lyrics of the landscape of our times, but also with her manner of speaking and singing directly to you; each audience member feels embraced in a special dialogue.” She went on to say she believes that Shawna Caspi will become one of “our truly treasured Canadian artists.”

Augmenting her musical performance, Shawna has also amassed a collection of original oil sketches that document her travels as she tours.

She writes and paints about the country she travels through to sing her songs.

She depicts coastal beaches, jagged canyons, endless prairie skies, charming fishing villages, tidy Midwestern farms, or the rugged pink rock of the Canadian Shield on the canvases she sells on tour. They are places she was already weaving into her songs, and has taken to creating one-of-a-kind works of art inspired by the rich scenery she sees on the road. She has sold over one hundred of her small 5 by 7 original paintings and continues to create more.  Sketched along the road, they provide a perfect complement to her songs.

Shawna made her fourth album, Forest Fire, with veteran Toronto producer Don Kerr

Her fourth album Forest Fire was recorded at Rooster Studios in Toronto. Engineered and produced by Don Kerr (Kyp Harness, Rheostatics, Bahamas, Ron Sexsmith), who also played drums on the sessions.  NOW Magazine says “Some musicians make songwriting sound less of a craft and more of a life affirming obsession. Caspi’s compositions stand out as beautiful, complex and intricate even in an increasingly crowded folk scene.”


The record is scheduled to be released in September but she’s admitted on her blog that she has a box of CDs stashed under the bed so there might be a chance you can buy one.  The paintings on the cover art are hers.

At Desboro Hall they say, “Shawna has been up to the Grey/Bruce area to perform quite a few times and loves it here.  We’re glad to welcome her back and to introduce Desboro to her.”

The third act on the bill is promising local guitarist Cody Zevenbergen.

In the spring of 2011 Cody Zevenbergen competed with thirteen other acts in the Summerfolk YouthDiscoveries finals to be chosen for the program.  He’d learned his chops at Ted’s Range Road Diner and the monthly coffee house they used to have at Frog Pond.  In 2010 he had formed a band called The Lesbian Bondage Fiasco, because Jon Stuart told him that “he’d be very disappointed if the band was not formed”.  Five years after Summerfolk he was playing jazz at Massie Hall earlier this summer with Paul Danard and Jake Scott.  He’s a young artist who continues to develop.

Desboro Music Hall is at 136215 Grey County Rd 40 in downtown Desboro.  The show on Friday starts at 7:30 pm.  Tickets are $20 in advance, $25 at the door.

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