My Son The Hurricane Blows Into Clarksburg

All summer long there has been a hurricane blowing across Canada.  In May it hit Owen Sound and this Saturday it will descend on Clarksburg.  No need to hunker down, though.  Instead you want to jump up and dance.  It’s My Son the Hurricane, a big 14 piece band (half of that is the brass section!) that plays funk with a healthy mix of jazz and hip-hop thrown in.  It takes a lot for frontman Jacob Bergsma to ride that beast but he’s been earning kudos for his charisma and vocal chops. Earshot said, “The Hurricane sound is still a big, fun wall of brass, a propellant rhythm section and the hip hop styling’s of emcee Jacob Bersgma, who can playfully pluck every nerve in your body with his voice.”   

Even better, the band now includes a foil for Jacob in the form of Sylvie Kindree, the singer who  did so much to bring out the genius of Bryan Leckie’s songs on Kreuger Motel.  She’s  doubly valuable to the band, helping out drummer and de facto manager Danno O’Shea with a lot of the business load he has taken on for the band.

“I’m a natural organizer, I like putting pegs in their appropriate holes,” says O’Shea “It’s not without challenges but I’m getting the hang of it.”  He added, “Sylvie came out to a show once and came on stage, it went so well we invited her to more and now she’s a member.”

“This is a band a show which is meant to see live,” says Kingston Music Reviews, “I don’t think there will ever be a medium which will be able to capture the energy, the sound, and the theatrics entirely. You Just have to see My Son The Hurricane live”.  And what better place than the Marsh Street Centre, where the audience is always ready to party?

When the band was originally formed in 2010 they had in mind a New Orleans sound but as people kept jumping on board it became something more than that, something unique.

“Everyone in the band has his or her own style and we encourage that,” O’Shea told Kathryn Dunmore last year in a Burlington Post profile.

As paradoxical as it seems a band the size of the band is actually seen as a blessing by the members.  “Usually, if you’re a metal band, you play metal shows. And if you’re a rapper, you play with rappers,” vocalist Bergsma said on a storyuntold podcast, “With us, we’ve had the opportunity to play with a gigantic and dynamic group of musicians, and it introduces us to all different kinds of sounds. And we’ve ended up making our strongest relationships with people that are so polar opposite to us.”

Leaving a trail of rave reviews in its wake this particular hurricane intends to live up to its name on Saturday night and blow you away.

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Show starts at 7 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 18th at the Marsh Street Centre in Clarksburg.

This event is sold out, but mark your calendars for May 5, 2018 when they’ll be at Heartwood in Owen Sound.

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