Steve Poltz Meaford Show Generating Excitement

The Steve Poltz show scheduled for Meaford Hall next week seems to be creating a buzz among local music fans.  People are talking about it with excited expectations.  He’ll be performing solo in The Opera House with just an acoustic guitar, no band.  So why the fuss?

It’s not because he co-wrote the Jewel hit, “You Belong To Me”, which was once the longest running song on Billboard Hot 100.  It’s not because he was a founding member of the semi-legendary punk rock band The Rugburns or because he was Bob Hope’s favourite altar boy (!?!), or even because Steve Wozniak is a devoted fan.  It’s because he’s played in this area before and everybody who saw him then can’t wait to see him again.

Steve Poltz returnsWhen local promoter Liz Scott booked him into the Roxy in Owen Sound last year just after he played Summerfolk, it immediately sold out.  She has an anecdote that expresses it best: “I was postering for a Poltz show in Fergus last month,” she says, “and was rambling on to a storekeeper about how Steve is one-of-a-kind, has to be experienced, blah blah blah …. and the musician friend I was with (who knows Steve’s magic) grabbed the poster, looked the storekeeper in the eye and said, “Look – there’s before Steve Poltz. and there’s after Steve Poltz” and handed her the poster and left!!!”  So true, says Liz.  She believes, along with many fans, that he’s the best songwriter out there.

The Jewel hit is ample evidence of that, and he has recorded a lot of other great songs on his sixteen album releases to date (the latest is “Folksinger”, 2016).  But those who have seen him live know that there is a lot more than great songs to enjoy at a Steve Poltz show.  He works without a set list so that he can go with the moment and relate to the audience.  He likes to tell stories and the audience loves it when he does; he has a lot of stories to tell.  They range from a near-drug-bust in Mexico to going blind in the middle of the set when he suffered a stroke on stage (he finished the set, but admits that he cut it a bit short).

Steve PoltzMeaford audiences appreciate good songwriters but, more than anything they appreciate a performer who connects with them in a sincere way.  That was proven a few weeks ago when Joel Plaskett played here.  He’s another great songwriter who isn’t afraid to go with the flow in front of an audience and draws you into his anecdotes.  By coincidence, Joel produced one of Steve’s albums, “Dreamhouse”.  He says it was “a joy every day working with him.  He really cares.  He eats, sleeps, breathes the project.”  It was recorded in analog at Joel’s studio; “he loves to work with 2” tape.”  Fittingly, the album is available on vinyl as well as on CD.

Steve has started his Canadian tour already, and he was looking forward to getting back to Canada.  He was born in Nova Scotia but raised in California and now lives in Nashville.  He hoped to get away from the insanity of the U.S. election for a few weeks, but at the same time, as an avid baseball fan, he was concerned about the fact that he would be touring during the playoffs.  By the time he arrives in Meaford he will have left in his wake a legion of new and old fans in Greenbank, Haliburton, Ottawa, Perth Kingston,Picton, Cobourg, Fergus, and Stratford.  If you don’t have your tickets by then, you will probably be too late.  Sell outs are becoming the norm at Meaford Hall and this one seems like a sure bet.

The show starts at 8 pm on Saturday, Oct. 29th and tickets are only $35.

His songs are incredibly varied so it’s hard to choose one that representative, but every song includes a little chat with the audience.  Here’s a video of the title song from his latest album:

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