My Sweet Patootie and Emma Wright Join Cast of The Last Waltz

Chris Scerri is lifting the veil on more local performers who will be guests at The Last Waltz.  Along with the band that plays The Band, there are many other performers to reference as part of that concert. In this tribute, all of the performers will be local stars.  This week Chris announces that Emma Wright, Sandra Swannell and Terry Young will be on the program.

Canadian Folk Music Award winners Sandra Swannell and Terry Young, who live in Woodford when they’re not on the road, are currently preparing their annual Harp and Holly Concert Series.  They will joining one of the world’s foremost Celtic harpists, Sharlene Wallace for a series of concerts featuring baroque Christmas songs.  This is a side project from their main gig as My Sweet Patootie, the roots and ragtime band that’s attracting attention in the U.K. from their regular touring there.  Their annual Harp and Holly concert was born out of a love for timeless music that evokes something about the Christmas season that live in the hearts of all of us.  They’ll be playing concerts during the Christmas season at three local venues in Owen Sound, Colpoy’s Bay and Sauble Beach, as well as in Guelph and Oakville.

Being part of The Last Waltz, Meaford Style, gives Sandra and Terry a chance to share music with their community here at home.

“A sense of community,” says Sandra, “That’s what Martin Scorsese captured between the musicians, both on stage and off in the epic film The Last Waltz.” 

Sandra is well acquainted with the local music community, having played in the past with local lights like The Kreuger Band and Steve Dickinson, and having taught violin and viola to generations of local students.  “This Meaford re-creation of that performance is not only an opportunity to bring together our area’s finest musicians to share and showcase their musical diversity,” she says, “but also a wonderful way to support our fantastic local GBCS music program.

The lineup of artists that will be part of this show, from Beaker and Jayden Grahlman to Drew McIvor and Fran Bouwman, means that as more are announced the showmanship is guaranteed to be the best.  The fact that they are all our neighbours is just a bonus.

“Terry Young and I spend a large part of our year out on the road touring with our band My Sweet Patootie, Sandra says, “While touring has its own rewards, it also means we have fewer opportunities to get involved with music on a local level. We are so very happy to be part of this event, sharing with our community, with old friends and new.”

Emma Wright has been showing promise as a developing talent ever since2012 when she finished first in the 6 – 9 years old category in the Wheatley Idol competition.  Since then she’s competed several times in the CNE’s Rising Star Talent Competition, won Collingwood Idol, and performed at fairs and competitions all over Southern Ontario, all while still a pre-teen.

Emma has been an outstanding part of many of the shows produced by Chris Scerri, including the Rockin the Hall concerts at Meaford Hall, and the Sunday stage at Blue Mountain Village.

Despite her young age, she has a vocal ability that is already mature beyond her years, and she has shown an ability to handle the most challenging material.  This year she released her first single, “Heroes On The Wall”

“I am honored to be a part of The Last Waltz which features a tapestry of music from the 20th Century,” she says, “Music from the 70’s is making a comeback and it’s great to be on stage watching everyone singing along. I urge everyone to get tickets while they still can as I know this will be a sold out show.”

With a month to go and tickets already disappearing fast, Emma’s prediction looks pretty accurate.

And there are still more special guests to be announced.

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