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Danny Michel Brings School Night Mondays To Crow

by Bill Monahan

Monday is the one night in the week when live music doesn’t happen.  When Danny Michel decided to rectify that six years ago at the Dakota Tavern in Toronto he was bucking conventional wisdom.

“Everybody said I was crazy,” he says, “nobody will come on a Monday.  It turned out to be the opposite.  People loved that there was something happening on a Monday.  But it was early so they could be home by around 9:30.  The other thing is that there was no competition.”

The first series he did at the Dakota sold out for eighteen weeks in a row.  He always invites friends to join him and his band.  The Dakota series included a who’s who of artists, including Sarah Harmer, Jim Cuddy, Ed Robertson, Tom Cochrane, Amelia Curran, and Royal Wood among others.

“It’s created for no other reason than for musicians, friends, to get together to play and enjoy it.  The rest of our lives is all stressful gigs that are about your career and trying to sell tickets.  I kind of missed that whole thing about getting together just to play for no reason.”

Danny Michel has a habit of thinking outside the box with his musical projects.  The empathetic nature of his songs mirrors a career that follows his heart.

Amelia Curran Brings Her Watershed Tour to Heartwood

Amelia Curran and her band will be at Heartwood Concert Hall this Friday, Nov. 3rd.  This JUNO winning artist is touring to support her release earlier this year of her eighth album called “Watershed”.

The tour hasn’t been without its mishaps.  When she arrived at Heathrow in June to begin her UK tour, she was denied entry.  She was told that there were technical complications with her sponsorship visa and she wasn’t cleared to legally work in the U.K.  She had no choice but to cancel the tour and head back home.

For many artists this kind of setback would have been devastating but she took it in stride.  “What are you going to do?” she shrugged, “Circumstances are out of your control.”  Amelia Curran has bigger issues on her mind.

While celebrated for the depth of her songs, with press comments like “Curran packs so much meaning into each line that the listener barely has time to register each clever lyric before the next zinger comes along,” she has an agenda.  Long before national TV ads encouraged people to speak out about mental illness, Amelia Curran made it a central part of her own purpose.  In 2014 with some friends she  established an organization called It’s Mental to lobby governments for better mental-health services.  A public service video she made to bring attention to the cause, which included a number of Newfoundland celebrities, had the effect of bringing the issue to the forefront of political consciousness in her home province.