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Jake Feeney Is Clearly a Star in Development

Jake Feeney is visiting the south shore of Georgian Bay tonight and in a single evening he’ll be joining up with other musicians to play for audiences in Meaford and Owen Sound.  In Meaford he’ll be opening for Culture Reject at The Barn Coop.  While he is there  Missy Bauman, Andrew Nunno and Marshall Veroni will be playing at Heartwood Hall and Jake will be joining up with them later in the evening.

Son of country record producer and songwriter Joel Feeney, Jake has always been a musician and songwriter.

“Every day, music has always excited me,” he says, He started at the age of six, on the piano and then guitar.  By the time he graduated from the Etobicoke School of The Arts a few years ago, his music had impressed his principle as well as his classmates.


“Jake was a regular contributor to our once-a-month drop-in arts show, ‘Miscellaneous,’” his principle Mr. MacKinnon told www.radixonline.ca at the time. “He was always well-rehearsed and played and sang cover tunes as well as original compositions. His quiet energy was engaging for everyone in the audience and whenever he would go up, the chatter would go down and the cameras would come out.”

And so Mr. Mckinnon entered him in the RBC Emerging Artist contest, which he won, hitting the ground running in a career he already knew he’d been born for.

“It can be a little bit isolating,” he says, “I knew when I was six years old what I wanted to do.  It was strange to see my friends going off to university with no clear idea of what they were going to do.”

The Thursday Outlook – August 10 to 14, 2017

The Travelling Thornburys are featured this Saturday night at The Leeky Canoe in Meaford.  This is a duo consisting of Jon Zaslow and Kevin Campbell.  They offer up some great harmonies and tunes that range from The Beatles to The Everly Brothers.  Jon as also an accomplished guitarist that has become a regular accompanist for Chris Scerri and has co-hosted many Thursday night jams with him at The Leeky.

At The Barn Coop on Saturday night, it’s a rare chance to see Culture Reject in concert.  This is part of a concert series put together at The Barn by Greg Smith, in which he pairs more established artists with up-and-comers.  Culture Reject, featuring Michael O’Connell and Karri North, is a band that has a unique and mesmerizing sound.  Michael evolved this band out of the popular band Black Cabbage, with which he toured for several years.  He now tours annually in Europe to a growing following there.  The opener for this concert is Jake Feeney, a young singer-songwriter who seems much more mature than he is.  Having been a songwriter since he was six or seven, Jake has a voice similar to John Maher and a beautiful style of guitar picking.  This is a show well worth checking out.

A Songwriters’ Evening Showcases Three Local Talents

A Songwriters’ Evening at The Bleeding Carrot in Owen Sound, scheduled for this Friday, is almost sold out.  Jon Farmer will be hosting an evening of three local songwriters, each with his own style.   Greg Smith, Marshall Veroni and Pat Maloney will fill the evening with songs and stories.

“All three of these guys are  rising young performers,” says Jon, “Greg is almost cinematic in the story construction of his tunes, Marshall writes songs that are simultaneously catchy, accessible, and perceptive, and Pat Maloney writes clever songs that he delivers with a voice so deep and warm you could crawl inside of it.  Greg is the youngest in the line up and in his career but youth does nothing to hinder his ambition or work. Marshall has had some prominent gigs including spots at Summerfolk and opening for April Wine and Blue Rodeo last year. Pat is the veteran of the crowd and has toured all over the place and sharpened his talent on countless stages.

Greg Smith has done the organizing but asked me to host and lend my name to the event after seeing me host a Bleeding Carrot show with Missy Bauman, Andrew Nunno, and Tragedy Ann a few months ago.  He liked the sound of the branding and I figured, why not?  I think Greg was eager to replicate the success of that show. It was well attended and a pile of fun which spoke to the appetite for similar evenings.”

Greg Smith is a unique young talent with a bright future.  His approach to song writing is all his own, in which he combines intricate guitar work with story songs that fit together like chapters in a book to tell a larger story.  When he sings he inhabits the characters he has created.

Aside from his talent as a song writer, Greg already knows at a young age that the secret of success in music is networking and promotion, which is why he has put together a show with more seasoned performers, and had the imagination to bring in Jon Farmer to add his name to the event.

Marshall Veroni is also a young performer who grew up in Owen Sound and, up until 2014 played with Mack ‘n The Boys.  He was included in the Youth Discoveries program at last year’s Summerfolk.  His songs were described as “deep emotional symbolism, reflective instrumentation, and heartfelt passion”.

Pat Maloney has fit The Bleeding Carrot gig into a tour of one-nighters that take him around Ontario this week and next, from Guelph on Wednesday, through Oakville, Orillia, Sudbury and Thunder Bay by Sunday. Since Fall of 2013 Pat has performed more than 600 times in 4 different countries and has released three full-length albums, and a dozen “art project” style stop-motion animated music videos.  Along with several nominations, he won Canadian Organization of Campus Activities’ (COCA) “Singer-Songwriter of the Year”, a testament to his popularity on campuses across the country.

Combining three different songwriters is a great way to ensure audience satisfaction and exposure to new fans for all three artists.  Let’s hope Jon Farmer is inspired to make it a regular occurrence.

The Bleeding Carrot is an intimate venue that serves a great cup of coffee among other things.  This show is likely to have the feel of a coffee house.   It starts at 7:30 and runs to about 9:30.

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