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Join Coco Love Alcorn at Roxy

For her upcoming Dec. 7th concert at the Roxy Theatre in Owen Sound, Coco Love Alcorn is “building a volunteer, non-auditioned, pop-up choir” to join her on stage.  The first fifty people who send her an email at info@cocolovealcorn.com with the subject line “Dec 7 Roxy Choir” will be registered to take part.

Participants will attend a song learning workshop the night before the concert, on Dec. 6th where Coco will teach them three of her original songs.  No music reading is required.  What is required is that you are available on both nights, and you dress in black.  You also have to be okay with being filmed.  The bonus is that you get to attend both the workshop and the concert for free.  She’s added the free tickets because this concert is in her home town.

When she took a five year hiatus from touring after the birth of her daughter in 2010 she used the time to write new material, but with an inspired twist: the instrument she used to write was her voice, layered with the use of a looper.  Like everything she does, the result was music that was not only melodically beautiful but also spiritually uplifting.

When she posted her looped a capella song, The River on You Tube it was taken up by choirs in North America and the UK to be included in their repertoire.  Further inspired by the phenomenon, she created her latest album “Wonderland”.

My Son The Hurricane Blows Into Clarksburg

All summer long there has been a hurricane blowing across Canada.  In May it hit Owen Sound and this Saturday it will descend on Clarksburg.  No need to hunker down, though.  Instead you want to jump up and dance.  It’s My Son the Hurricane, a big 14 piece band (half of that is the brass section!) that plays funk with a healthy mix of jazz and hip-hop thrown in.  It takes a lot for frontman Jacob Bergsma to ride that beast but he’s been earning kudos for his charisma and vocal chops. Earshot said, “The Hurricane sound is still a big, fun wall of brass, a propellant rhythm section and the hip hop styling’s of emcee Jacob Bersgma, who can playfully pluck every nerve in your body with his voice.”   

Even better, the band now includes a foil for Jacob in the form of Sylvie Kindree, the singer who  did so much to bring out the genius of Bryan Leckie’s songs on Kreuger Motel.  She’s  doubly valuable to the band, helping out drummer and de facto manager Danno O’Shea with a lot of the business load he has taken on for the band.