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One More Lumdy Lai by Jon Zaslow

Reviewed by Bill Monahan

When you finish listening to the eight songs on Jon Zaslow’s CD, “One More Lundy Lai” the tune keeps playing in your head.  Which tune?  Well, that’s the thing.  There is a consistency to this CD that makes it hard to distinguish in retrospect one song from the other.  Along with the melodies and rhythms, there is a theme throughout of relentless disappointment and regret.

The title “One More Lumdi Lai” comes from Smokey Robinson and the Miracles’ first hit, “Mickey’s Monkey”.  With that as the leading and title track, you might expect an album of Motown flavoured dance music (the song was about a dance called “the monkey’, not about the primate).  Instead it is reminiscent of a decade later, post-Beatles, when album oriented radio was dominated by introspective singer-songwriters like Eric Anderson, Jackson Browne and David Wiffen.

Those were the days of mournful reflection set in beautiful studio arrangements.  Jon has excelled in setting his tunes within that genre.

  From the opening chord, through very tastefully balanced elements like slide guitar and saxophone, and impeccably subtle backing vocals, this album sounds beautiful.

Be Still, Listen Softly To Zachary Lucky

The sad lonesome sounds of Saskatchewan’s Zachary Lucky are coming to the upstairs room at The Bruce Wine Bar this Friday.  It’s music to sit back and reflect upon.

Although the presence of a steel guitar and his Don Gibson smooth baritone voice put him in a country category, his songs are closer to Canadian folk traditions with honest straightforward stories of life around him.

If you’re old enough to remember, his songs might bring back memories of albums from the seventies like Eric Anderson’s “Blue River” or David Wiffen’s “Coast To Coast Fever”.  These were albums that were unrelentingly low key and introspective.  Zachary Lucky’s adoption of this style in this day and age is a departure from most of what you will hear on the radio, country or otherwise, and he is gaining a solid fan base because he dares to be different.

Known for his relentless touring, he is pulling back on that now, to make sure he can be a father to his new son, but his recording career continues to progress with this year’s release of “Everywhere A Man Can Be”.

Leave your dancing shoes behind when you go out to see Zachary Lucky but bring along your heart.  Argue Job says it best: “If you want to feel like a leaf about to break from your summer branch and float quietly and inconsequentially to the ground, drop the needle on this new record and know you’re lucky. He (Zachary Lucky) is truly the bread and butter of the massive praire folk scene.”

There will be two dinner shows (reservations recommended) at 7:30 and 10:30, Friday Nov. 25th

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