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‘Tis The Season, Fa-la-la-la-la

It’s that time of year again when choirs raise their voices in song and Christmas specials abound.  Live music takes on a special flavour this time of year.  Here’s a guide to some of what’s happening around our area.

Meaford’s longstanding Women’s Choir, The Goldenaires, presents their annual Christmas concert at the Meaford United Church on Sunday afternoon.  The choir is under the direction of Catherine Robertson and features special guests the Beaver Valley Concert Band, directed by Don Robertson.  The show starts at 2:30 pm and admission is by donation.

Tonight at The Historic Gayety Theatre, classical guitarist and five time Juno Award winner Liona Boyd presents “A Winter Fantasy”, featuring music from her 2014 Christmas album accompanied by guitarist and vocalist Andrew Dolson.   This is her third Christmas themed work.  The first one, entitiled “A Guitar For Christmas”, was the first classical album to go platinum in Canada, establishing her as Canada’s “First Lady of the Classical Guitar”.

The Music’s Back at The Leeky Canoe

After a brief closure for interior renovations, The Leeky Canoe re-opens this week with Chris Scerri’s open stage moved to Thursday nights.  The renovations have made more room for fans to enjoy live music, a testament to the impact that the growing interest in local music offerings that has developed over this past year.  Chris always has a co-host at his open mic nights to provide an ever-changing flavour to the evenings but this time, to celebrate the re-opening with a band, he’s lined up three locals talents to share the evening with him.  They represent some of the favourites among our local talents.

Jayden Grahlman brings his extraordinary talents to The Leeky jam night on Thursday

Jayden Grahlman will be joining him on guitar.  Jayden is a busy and popular guitarist whose warmth and virtuosity are always a treat.  He’s lined up to do a Saturday night at The Leeky on April 16th, and you will also be able to catch him this Sunday afternoon when he plays The Huron Club in Collingwood as part of their Sidelaunch Sunday Series.

Bored of Education will be at the Leeky on Saturday, and Tom Thwaits (second from left) will join the jam on Thursday

On keyboards, Tom Thwaits will be contributing to Thursday night’s jam.  He’s the keyboard player for Bored of Education, one of Meaford’s most popular bands, who always sell out their gigs.  And their next gig will be at The Leeky this Saturday night, rocking the new space as only they can.

Beaker with River and Rock, local favourites.

And Beaker Granger will be sitting in on drums on Thursday, to make it a real band experience.  Everyone knows Beaker as a singer-songwriter and leader of River and Rock, as well as the drummer for RPR.  River and Rock will be playing a Saturday night at The Leeky on April Fool’s Day.

With this impromptu band ready and willing to accompany anyone who comes to play, it should be a rocking night to get The Leeky back in the groove.  Come early to be sure you don’t miss anything and bring along your instrument and talent to add to the celebration.

You and other music fans here in Meaford are the reason for the renovations at The Leeky.  They are responding to a growing appetite for live music here in town, and to the support that fans show for the local talent that we are lucky enough to enjoy.  A music scene like the one that is developing here in Meaford requires a combination of three elements: talented performers; welcoming venues; and enthusiastic and supportive audiences.  In many ways, the third element is the most important.  So come out Thursday night to kick off this new era at The Leeky Canoe and enjoy the scene that you are helping to create.

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Start Your Busy Live Music Weekend at the Red Door Pub

David J. Russell at Red Door Pub

Dave Russell live tonight at the Red Door Pub and Grille

The Red Door Pub and Grille at the renovated Meaford Motel has the potential of adding a significant element to Meaford’s night life.  Since its renovation the Meaford Motel  (126 N Sykes) has offered lunch with a creative, fresh, local menu created by Chef Jordan Fraser, utilizing great ingredients in unique dishes. With the help from local supplier of Grandview Farms Berkshire Pork, Farm Fresh Eggs and Local Vegetable producer Royal Acre Farms, he is now expanding to dinner service.  To celebrate tonight the restaurant, now called The Red Door Pub will be featuring live music from Dave Russell, well known to local music fans as one of the warmest and most talented of our local crop of guitarists and singers.  He’ll be playing there tonight (Oct. 29th) from 8 to 11 so if everybody makes a point of dropping by the establishment will be encouraged to make live music a regular feature.

With this venue added to the lively music scene that has developed around The Leeky Canoe, Captains Corner and Meaford Hall, we are one step closer to making Meaford a year-round destination for lovers of live music.

But it is a busy weekend for live music in Meaford and surrounding towns, so you have a lot of options.

Steve Poltz live

Steve Poltz tonight at Meaford Hall

Sean Pinchin

Sean Pinchin tonight at The Leeky Canoe

The much anticipated Steve Poltz concert is happening tonight at Meaford Hall.  Across the street at the Leeky, exciting blues singer-songwriter Sean Pinchin will be performing.

Amanda Dorey in Hepworth

Amanda Dorey plays Opry North show in Hepworth tonight

Fans of local country singer Amanda Dorey will want to make the drive to the Hepworth Shallow Lake Legion where she will be part of a big Opry North concert celebrating classic country music (and, just a reminder, if classic country makes your heart beat faster, set aside next Saturday, Nov. 5th, to head out to the Woodford Community Centre where Trish and The Tractors will be playing a country dance fueled by old time favourites – more info on this to come).

Don’t wait for the evening to start your enjoyment of live music.  Remember that the open stage at The Barn, hosted by Luke Martin, has moved to Saturdays, from 2 to 5.

If you’re heading out Owen Sound way, the great Krueger Band will be hosting a masquerade ball tonight at Heartwood Hall.  Every time this band plays it is a special event and this looks like a music lover’s best bet for a Halloween celebration.

Greg Smith at Heartwood Hall

Greg Smith at Heartwood Hall

Lauren Mann Heartwood Hall

Lauren Mann at Heartwood Hall on Sunday

In the opposite direction, you can catch husband and wife itinerant duo Winnie Brave, playing Americana style music at The Huron Club.  Their adventures as musicians on the road are similar to those of Lauren Mann and her husband Zoltan.  They will be playing a Sunday night concert at Heartwood Hall in Owen Sound featuring local singer-songwriter Greg Smith.  A great way to top off a weekend of excellent music.

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