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Lemon Bucket Orkestra Brings The Party To Meaford

The Lemon Bucket Orkestra will be at Meaford Hall tonight as part of their recent tour to promote the release of their latest album.  It promises to be a highly energetic and entertaining evening from this 12-member band that began as a lark and has gone on to win awards and international acclaim for their mix of traditional Klezmer music with originals.

The roots of klezmer music go back to the a Jewish tradition from Eastern Europe when itinerant musicians called klezmorim provided dance music for weddings and other celebrations.  The music is so lively and celebrative that it continues to enchant audiences today as it constantly evolves with musicians blending it with other genres.  It arrived in North America via Jewish immigrants around the turn of the twentieth century and made friends with jazz.  The Lemon Bucket Orkestra brings a “punk” sensibility to it, in the sense that it is open-ended and creative, retaining tradition while infusing a modern dynamic.

Learn About Balfolk Dancing With Fiddlefern

Dancing is still and will always be the best way to enjoy live music.  Proof that this has been case for more than a century awaits your pleasure at St. George’s Church Hall in Owen Sound on November 4th.  It’s your chance to learn Balfolk Dancing.

Balfolk is a tradition from Western Europe (Belgium, France, Germany and The Netherlands) where everyone dances to a live folk band a mish-mash of dances that can include anything from mazurkas to  bourrées or snakey chain dances.  They are the type of dances where partners continually change as everyone forms patterns together on the dance floor.  A caller calls out the moves.

One of the characteristics of Balfolk is that the dancers can range from the very young to the very old.


Following the simple steps is easy. To find yourself in the swirl of dancers following the same patterns is a sensual experience, undeniably heightened by the live music.

It is part of the Balfolk tradition to begin by teaching the steps to the newcomers so that it’s easy to join the dance.

You don’t need a partner.  That’s how Fiddlefern’s evening will start at 7:30 on Saturday, November 4th.