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Promising Fugitives Show Sold Out

by Bill Monahan

The Fugitives, coming February 1st to Steven Vipond’s Bruce Street Social Club (house concert), are a genre-busting acoustic band that has been tagged “slam folk, folk hop, and spoken word cabaret” in various efforts find a suitable entertainment category for this loose assemblage.  Comparing themselves to Broken Social Scene, “but acoustic, and way less famous” in that members come and go freely, the core duo of Adrian Glynn and Brendan McLeod bring experience that helps them take great leaps of style without losing who they are and a musicality that makes it all work.

Adrian Glynn (McMorran)earned a BA in Theatre from the University of British Columbia and studied acting at New York’s Atlantic Theatre School before launching a career in movies and television.  He toured the country with “Chelsea Hotel” a musical play based on the songs of Leonard Cohen.

Brendan McLeod was a Canadian SLAM poetry champ and runner up in an international competition.  He’s been selected as Poet of Honour at more than one spoken word festival.  He writes novels, plays, monologues and songs.

These two came together in Vancouver on 2007, released their first album and began to tour almost immediately. Their musicality came to the fore, leading to multiple Canadian Folk Music Awards and a Western Canadian Music Award for Best Roots Album.  They opened for Buffy Sainte-Marie across western Canada, and played UK’s Glastonbury Festival.

This video from 2013 gives you an idea why they caught on so quickly:

They mix up lap steel, balalaika, banjo, beatbox, accordion, fiddle, depending on who’s playing with them and spoken word is bound to invade the folk strumming from time to time.

The Fugitives show is sold out but they are a group to watch for when they return to our area.

Steven Vipond follows his heart when bringing in shows either at CROW or at his house concerts, and you can trust his taste.  He has a very special event coming to CROW which will also sell out quickly, so you should make dinner reservations soon.

It’s an intimate evening with Tom Wilson, of Blackie and The Rodeo Kings fame (& Lee Harvey Osmond & Junkhouse).  He’s published a memoir called “Beautiful Scars” and he’s a fine story teller.

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Special Concert With Honeymoon Phase

Coming up this Sunday, Oct. 1st, Honeymoon Phase will be playing a special concert at The Simcoe Street Theatre in Collingwood.  This duo, consisting of Laura Conning and Nelson Beattie, have established themselves on the local scene with shows that feature cover tunes but in this concert they will be presenting Laura’s original songs.

“It’s really exciting,” says Laura, “We haven’t done anything like that before, with all original songs.”

The Simcoe Street Theatre offers a series of concerts on Sunday afternoon with a variety of styles represented by an eclectic mix of bands.  After a successful season in 2016, they decided to expand the series to include evening concerts featuring local emerging artists.  Thanks to the support of sponsors, they are able to extend this opportunity to local performers with all ticket sales going to the musicians to further their own musical careers.

For Laura and Nelson, this presented an opportunity to present their original music in a way they are unable to do with their usual corporate and lounge gigs, and Laura has a lot of songs to choose from.

“I was always kind of song writing on the side and I’ve been wanting to get back into it for a while,” Laura says, “We’ve looked at all my songs I’ve written over the years, some that I wrote back in high school.”

With Laura on vocals and guitar and Nelson on sax and clarinet, the duo normally covers songs in a variety of styles with finesse, with a repertoire that ranges through folk, rock, jazz, and blues genres.   When it comes to her original music, Laura says“A lot of my inspiration comes from people like Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, Joni Mitchell, David Bowie, Radiohead.”

Meaford Hall is Brimming With Live Music This Fall

On Friday night, the last of the Meaford Summer Concert Series ended with a big Tom Barlow concert in the parking lot outside Meaford Hall.  But in the Opera House upstairs a full slate of great music is packed into the next few months.

The biggest show of the fall season, Jann Arden at Meaford Hall in October is already sold out, to no one’s surprise.  Already catching on with advance sales is the next big show from Chris Scerri, this time a tribute to The Last Waltz, a favourite concert movie from the seventies in which The Band featured an array of stars and friends.  For the Meaford Hall show, Chris has assembled the very best local talents to reproduce the excitement of the original, in a band comprised of Drew McIvor, Jayden Grahlman, Jon Zaslow, Beaker Granger, Jared Koop and John Hume .

While The Last Waltz uses local talent to reproduce the sixties, country music shows off our local country stars early in September at Meaford Hall in the Bruce Grey Country Jamboree Meaford Style.  Produced by Bognor Jam, the show is hosted by the True Country Show Band, who hosted last year’s Grand Ol’ Opry at the Music Hall of Fame Auditorium in Hepworth.  In addition to the True Heart Trio, this band of great country players will be backing up local Meaford talent.  Amanda Dorey and Scott Almond will both get a chance to perform in The Opera House with a great band.

Record Review – Kreuger Motel

“Kreuger Motel” by the Kreuger Band Dark Angel Music 2017 – Reviewed by Bill Monahan

I’m ready for the desert island.  You know that game when they ask you, if you were on a desert island with just one record, which record would it be?  I could never play it.  I like all kinds of music and the list would be too long.  There’s never been just one record that I think could satisfy me listening to it again and again alone on a desert island.   Until now, that is.  I’ve found my desert island disc – it’s Kreuger Motel.

Actually it’s three discs in one package, so maybe that’s cheating.  But it has everything I need for my musical listening.  I’ve never heard anything quite like this little purple package.

Krueger Motel is the latest release from Bryan Leckie and The Kreuger Band.  It contains thirty-five songs that he has written, in arrangements that include the cream of the crop of Owen Sound area musicians.  His distinctive voice, which floats between Bob Dylan and Dr. John, has a quality all its own but periodically gives way to vocals provided by The Kreuger Girls.  The songs all chug along with insinuating rhythms, mostly in the form of shuffles, boogies and blues.  Keyboard and guitars are more than just decorations; they create the fantastic moods and dreamscapes that are the essence of the recordings.