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The Thursday Outlook – July 20 to 23, 2017

It’s a lively weekend in Meaford with some great music on offer.

The second show in the Meaford Summer Concert Series is going to be an exciting one with Higher Funktion bringing a high energy collection of soul and funk tunes to get you jumping, full of great horn riffs and chunky rhythms.  Opening for them, Ragwax is offering a taste of his unique take on hot club jazz, swing and even be-bop, which he’ll extend later in the evening across the street at The Leeky Canoe.

The youth performer on the bill is Sophie Wensley, who will be accompanied by Jayden Grahlman on guitar.  Chris Scerri discovered her beautiful voice one night at an open stage at Heartwood Hall and immediately asked her to be part of this series. Sophie’s parents have Gio and Fran’s Italian Eatery across the street at 78 Sykes Street (the window says “Butcher Shop”), an ideal spot for dinner before the show at the Market Square.  This new restaurant has been creating a buzz with their delicious locally sources food and exceptionally friendly service, so far scorring 100% with every Trip Advisor review.

The Thursday Outlook – May 11 to 14, 2017

Dave Hawkins is well known in Owen Sound but rarely plays in Meaford so Friday night is a good chance to catch him in a solo performance at The Red Door Pub at the Meaford Motel.  He’ll be sharing the night with Bill Monahan and John Brownlow.  Dave was co-owner and manager of the music store in Owen Sound which has now become Long and McQuade, and he has long been a supporter of local music.  He rarely plays events like this one which feature his impressive songwriting talents, but he regularly fronts (along with his wife Trish) the popular country dance band Trish and The Tractors.  Bill Monahan is seen occasionally at open stages singing his original songs, and regularly participates in the summer concerts at the harbour for Friends of The Library and The Meaford Stomp.  John Brownlow formerly fronted The Sportswriters and currently is working on a solo album at his home studio where he has produced some local artists.  This is the first time for the Red Door to be presenting an evening dedicated to songwriters, but it is an idea that has been catching on with other venues in the area.  The evening starts early at seven and runs to ten, with no cover.

The last artist that John Brownlow produced before immersing himself in his solo project was local singer-songwriter Greg Smith, who has a unique approach to songwriting, creating characters and narratives that carry over from one song to another.  Greg will be opening for Limestone Chorus tonight at Heartwood Hall in Owen Sound.  Limestone Chorus is a St. Catherines band with interesting instrumentation and three-part harmonies.  The name of their band, their former name Shore Thing, and their debut album Deer Friends, all alert you to a winning way with words as well as a focus on natural imagery.  They are also one of the bands that John Brownlow captured in his Epping Sessions series of music videos.  If you miss them tonight you can catch them over dinner tomorrow night at Bruce Wine Bar.

On Saturday night, The Bicycle Café in Flesherton features  East Back Line, a band so impressive that they had a road named after them.

The Collingwood Glee Club has a fun event planned for Meaford Hall on Saturday night with a variety show called Major Treble.  This award-winning group is presenting solo and ensemble vocal performances combined with dance.

The Red Door Pub Showcases Songwriters

On Friday, May 12th, the Red Door Pub and Grille at the Meaford Motel will be presenting a showcase of three songwriters for a special evening.  Since it began to feature live music on Friday evenings, the talent booked into The Red Door has had a slightly different approach from other venues.  With an emphasis on jazz and classical players, it has provided an alternative to the primarily rock flavoured acts that are featured at venues like The Leeky Canoe, leaning more toward what’s known as a “listening room” where people come to quietly enjoy the performances.  And timing the shows from seven to ten on a Friday evening means that fans can enjoy these acts over a meal and still head down the street to The Leeky just in time to arrive when things are starting to happen there.

The great success of the recent Gallery Concert Series at Meaford Hall demonstrated a genuine appetite for a small quiet venue that features original music, with almost every show in the series a sell-out.  To focus on the original music of songwriters can be a bit of a challenge but it is clear that our area supports that approach.  In Thornbury, Bruce Wine Bar has a policy of featuring original acts only and their shows on the weekends attract a loyal audience, as does their open stage on Wednesday nights.  The many other open stages in the area also feature a lot of original talent.  Jon Farmer has presented special songwriter evenings at The Bleeding Carrot in Owen Sound and they too have drawn capacity audiences.

As you sit through and listen to the individual styles of each of these songwriters, you’ll find yourself engaged in the spirit of the songs, and the stories they contain.

The three songwriters featured on this inaugural songwriters’ night at The Red Door will be Bill Monahan, David Hawkins and John Brownlow.   Although they have different styles, they also have some things in common.  All three are prolific songwriters who have a lot of respect for the craft, and for their audiences, writing and performing to reach an audience with stories and reflections that will resonate.  And although they have made their livings in different ways, each has spent a lifetime immersed in music, providing support for other talents and motivated by a love of musical creativity.  Their love of music has led each in his own way to become an integral part of music development in the area.

The Thursday Outlook – March 30th to April 2, 2017

The final concert of Meaford Hall’s Gallery Concert Series is happening this Saturday at 8 p.m.  If you haven’t had a chance to attend one of them and there are still tickets available you shouldn’t miss it.  There is an intimacy there in the gallery and the vibe of a small bistro, with chairs surrounding small tables and striking original art on the walls.  The audience is close to the performer and always respectfully silent when the performance is on, something that you don’t always find in a small venues where there is a bar (and there is a bar here).  This weekend’s finale features folk-styled singer songwriter Rob Lutes.  He has an original fingerpicking style and a voice perfectly suited to the personal, thoughtful songs he writes.  He has won  multiple awards for his songwriting.

Beaker with River and Rock, local favourites.

After the concert at Meaford Hall, if you’re in the mood for something more in a rock vein you’ll find it flowing with River and Rock at The Leeky Canoe across the street, featuring local singer-songwriter Beaker Granger.

Carson Freeman plays The Red Door on Friday

Friday night, stop by for supper at The Red Door Grille and Pub at the Meaford Motel to listen to jazz and pop stylings by saxophonist Carson Freeman.  He’s a busy and in demand player in his home of Port Credit and internationally, and he’s in Meaford for just one night because he likes this place so much.  If you appreciate the subtleties of a seasoned and sensitive player on the saxophone, this is a rare opportunity to hear it in our community.

Two performances feature the many talents who use the Harmony Centre

In Owen Sound there are some pretty special things happening this weekend as well.  The Harmony Centre, in the converted historic Knox Church, has become home to a variety of musical groups who use the various rooms for practice, with over a thousand people moving through the building every week when you include the large soup kitchen in the basement.  They are celebrating five years of volunteer-run community and creativity with choirs, cellos, Celtic music, drummers, dancers and songwriters taking turns in two concerts they call Harmony Palooza, one on Friday evening and the other on Sunday afternoon.

Angela Ramolo and Jenie Thai at Heartwood

A remarkably unique and intimate singer/songwriter/dancer/actor Andrea Ramolo will be at Heartwood Concert Hall on Saturday night showcasing the personal and vulnerable tunes from her latest album, and she will sharing the bill with virtuoso pianist and moving blues-based songwriter Jenie Thai, who entranced a Meaford audience just a few weeks ago at The Red Door.

Very special series of workshops offers music business advice

On Saturday, Andrea Ramolo  will be sharing her knowledge of the music business with local musicians at a special workshop organized by Summerfolk as part of their series, The Music Biz Tune-Up designed to provide essential information to local talents.  This is a rare opportunity for musicians at any level who may be considering or curious about what it takes to make a living in the business.  This area is bursting with original talent and this Summerfolk series is sure to be instrumental in helping many of them break out to a larger audience.

Although it may be sold out by now, there is also an opportunity for fans of symphonic music to enjoy the Georgian Bay Symphony pay tribute to Canadian composers in honour of the 150th anniversary of this country.  It is taking place at the OSCVI auditorium on Saturday night.

Of course, you can check out Bruce Street Wine Bar, where, because of their selective booking policy, you will always be guaranteed to hear the best singer-songwriters touring in our area, or spend a Saturday night at the Harbour Street Fish Bar for the best blues bands that Ontario has to offer. See the listings on the right side of this page.

You can feel that spring is in the air, and it’s guaranteed that before long music will be throbbing from every corner when the red red robin comes bob-bob-bobbin’ along.

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