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The Thursday Outlook – Sept. 21 to 25, 2017

At Kimberley Hall, just down the road from Meaford, a special art show is running all weekend and on Saturday night it will include live music from some local favourites.  East Back Line, with Paul Woolner, David Marshak, Beaker Granger, and Tom Thwaits, will be on hand along with Chris Scerri’s new band Horseshoes & Handgrenades with Jon Zaslow, Beaker Granger, Erik Vandeweerdhof and as a special guest, violinist Victoria Yeh.  The music is just part of a weekend-long celebration of local visual artists billed as “Apple and Art”.

If you can time it right, be on Hurontario Street in Collingwood today at 12:30 and you’ll be treated to a special pop-up concert with Tyler Yarema and Chuck Jackson at one of the pianos that are set up on the sidewalk.  This is part of the promotion for a show that these two blues veterans have planned at The Historic Gayety Theatre on Oct. 5th.

Saturday night on Hurontario street it’s the annual Collingwood Art Crawl which includes live music in the evening from the Mike McCarthy Band. 

The Thursday Outlook – April 6 to 9

The music at The Red Door Grille and Pub this Friday is being provided by Honeymoon Phase, a duo consisting of Laura Conning and Nelson Beattie.  They have been playing a weekly cocktail hour on Fridays at The Strand in Collingwood but they are setting it aside this week to bring their music to a Meaford audience. Laura administers the website Route 26.ca, which provides an entertainment calendar for all live music events around Southern Georgian Bay, with a listing that provides a video example for each performer.  The duo features Laura on guitar and Nelson on sax and clarinet with a repertoire that mixes some nice jazz standards with pop, folk and blues tunes.

On Saturday night Ian Harker is bringing a bunch of friends to play with him at The Leeky Canoe, including Roy Genereaux , Dave Ramage and Amanda Dorey, which promises to be a night of great music as they take turns and combine on tunes.

Craig Martin invented the concept of live reproductions of classic albums

There’s no music happening at Meaford Hall this weekend but on Tuesday the Opera House will be coming back to life with The Harpoonist and The Axe Murderer.  This is one of the perks of our geographical location:  In the middle of their tour to support their latest release, Apokalipstick, this blues trio are stopping over in Meaford on Tuesday night to break up the long drive between gigs in Thunder Bay on Saturday and Lee’s Palace in Toronto on Thursday.  There’s a buzz about this band, both because of their live show and their songs.   John Raham, Shawn “The Harpoonist” Hall, and Matthew “The Axe Murderer” Rogers will be bringing what they call their “bed of chaos” to test drive the new and improved Opera House ahead of a month that includes Ron Sexsmith, Coldjack and Eddie Bullen, and the Classic Albums Live production of Elton John’s Greatest Hits.  A few other musical treats will be squeezed in before the “Grand Opening Event” weekend in May with concerts by Sean McCann and Tanya Tagaq along with another great variety show from Chris Scerri’s “Rock The Hall” team.

At Heartwood Hall on Saturday night, Higher FunKtion lays down funk classics, soul & r ‘n b nuggets and tasty originals with the Invasion of the Funky Body Snatchers . Get down with Randy Martin, Jayden Grahlman, Steven Morel & the HF Horns – Wayne McGrath, Ian Harper & Chris ‘Bonehead’ Palmer.

The Mike McCarthy duo plays Gustav’s Chophouse and Bar in Collingwood on Saturday night.  Mike and Erica are playing solo gigs before getting the Mike McCarthy Band back together in time for the big Canada 150 day at the GNE grounds, when their son, singer-songwriter Austin McCarthy will be able to sit in with the band between his own gigs.

If it’s a nice moonlit evening on Saturday night and you want to drive down to Durham, check out the Garafraxa Café, a nice listening room, where Benjamin Dakota Rogers will be appearing with Chris Rait.

Don’t forget about the open stages where you can catch a grab bag of entertainment.  There are two tonight, starting earlier at the Leeky Canoe with Chris Scerri and running later at the Corner Café with Dave Russell.  And if you are in Owen Sound on Friday afternoon, Kelly Babcock hosts a nice little open stage at the back of The Bleeding Carrot, running from four in the afternoon.  It’s a nice spot and you never know who might get up and sing against the backdrop of old Owen Sound on the wall.  And on Sunday afternoon, the open mic at The Barn Coop in Meaford is always crowded and transcendent.  These open stages are where all the new talent comes from.

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Meaford Musicians Rally To The Cause for Raven Taylor

Since he first heard of Raven Taylor’s plight  back in August, John Malloy has been working hard to try to create a fundraising event for the 23-year-old Owen Sound woman who needs a double lung transplant.  She has been in Toronto now for a few months daily awaiting the call that can save her life.  The costs of residing away from home are mounting up and Raven’s family can’t meet them.  A Go-Fund-Me page was set up when her condition became known and although funds have been collected, there is still a need.  So John’s fundraising initiative, although it has taken almost two months to put together, is still vital.  Now it is a reality, set for next Friday, October 21st, at the Marsh Street Centre in Clarksburg.

poster-for-benefitWhen he initially announced his intention to mount a benefit concert, John received an immediate response from Meaford musicians, most of whom our local audiences know from concerts and open stages here in town. He had more than enough volunteer performers before he was able to find a venue.  A few weeks ago he finalized arrangements with Florian Lenders to use the Marsh Street Centre and they faced the task of putting together a program that would attract an audience, sorting through what was in effect an embarrassment of riches.  The final lineup, announced earlier this week, includes a couple of bands that are proven audience pleasers in a show that will be hosted by the universally loved and respected Bambalamb Kid.  While many of our local Meaford performers have been included, others had to be turned down due to time restraints.  It put John in a difficult position to have to say no to so many eager volunteer performers whose generosity moved him but in the end he and Florian have put together a show that should make for a great night, including two headliners who are proven audience pleasers.

Mike and Erica McCarthy

Mike and Erica McCarthy

Mike and Erica McCarthy are seasoned country performers who have been performing together for 23 years.  Originally from Montreal, they settled in the Collingwood area in 1993 and are regular crowd pleasers at Blue Mountain Village as well as other venues around the area known for their high energy performances.

Jimmy and The Extractions in rehearsal

Jimmy and The Extractions in rehearsal

Jimmy and The Extractions is the band of Jim Harrison, mild-mannered dentist by day, rocker by night.  They play around Collingwood and the area at a variety of venues.  Here is a sampling of comments on Facebook in reaction to their performance:  “There are an a lot of great musicians in our area, but last night we watched probably the best, tightest group I’ve seen in ages. Jimmy and the Extractions put on a GREAT show at the Midnight Market in Collingwood.”; “Jimmy and the Extractions blew us all away with a sidewalk show that rocked and rocked”; “Just a great night of really really good music and voice!!!” With comments like that, you know that a great show is guaranteed.

The show starts at 7 p.m. with admission by donation.  It will be a full evening and a celebration of community so get there early and make a night of it.  As part of a great lineup, there are two performers you won’t want to miss, especially if you haven’t seen them before.  One is Emma Wright, a young country singer whose moving vocals add dimension to every song she chooses to sing.  The other is Gary Gillespie, whose songwriting and performance of his songs sets a standard well above the norm.  After decades of touring, he has dedicated himself in recent years to nurturing young talent, and it is a rare treat to hear him perform.

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