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The Thursday Outlook – July 6 to 9, 2017

The second annual Meaford Summer Concert Series starts this weekend, Friday at 7 in the Market Square in Meaford, featuring Tomi Swick and The Strummers’ Union, Scott Almond, and Eden Young.  It will be adding to the party atmosphere in downtown Meaford, where the Urban Slide is set up again this year on Nelson Street.  The Leeky Canoe is presenting Scott Almond after the concert in the Market Square on Friday and on Saturday will be bringing in The Drew Wright Trio.  The great music continues on Sunday evening at the Harbour Rotary Pavilion when Bored of Education performs as part of the Friends of the Library Series.

For something a little different tonight, you might want to check out the Story Slam at Heartwood Hall in Owen Sound.  Organized by Meaford’s Diana Young, this is a follow up to the first one which was a great hit.  The idea is that several people will tell short, true stories that are ten minutes long and judges will declare a winner.  The event also features music from Honeymoon Phase, Dave Hawkins, and Keray Wonch.

With the Peak To Shore Festival in full swing, there is a lot of music happening tonight everywhere.  At the main corner in Thornbury, it’s King Cuddy at Bruce Wine Bar and reggae from Too Nice at The Corner Cafe.  You can spend the evening at the Coca-Cola stage in Blue Mountain Village enjoying Karla Crawford and then Luke McMaster.  Or head around the bay in the opposite direction to see The Kreuger Band performing as part of the downtown Owen Sound Streetfest.

On Friday and Saturday night, make sure you stop by CROW Bar and Variety, the brand new venue in Collingwood, to show your support for one of this area’s most energetic and enthusiastic music promoters, Steven Vipond.  As part of the Peak To Shore festival, he is presenting Craig Smith on Friday and King Cuddy with Delta Days on Saturday.  CROW is where the Casbah used to be at 18 Huron Street.  A new venue like this is going to add an exciting new dimension to the area music scene and all it takes for it to succeed is a loyal audience.

At the Historic Leith Church on Saturday night there is a unique and intriguing appreciation of the life and work of Tom Thomson presented in poetry and song by David Sereda and one of Canada’s leading poets, Anne Michaels, supported by a quartet of some of Owen Sound’s finest musicians.

At Heartwood on Saturday night, The Lifers, consisting of sisters  Liv and Anita Cazzola, will treat listeners to the kind of vocal harmonies that can only come from siblings, on a triple bill with Oh Geronimo,  one of the top 25 National Finalists in the CBC Searchlight 2016 competition, and Meaford’s Greg Smith, master of unique short-story style songwriting and intricate guitar work.

If the weather is nice, there’s no better way to spend Sunday afternoon than chilling in Owen Sound’s beautiful Harrison Park listening to a selection of old-time music.

No matter where you go to hear music this weekend, you will be missing some really great music somewhere else, so peruse the listings at the right of this page and choose what suits you best, and for more details check out Monday’s post.

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The Second Annual Summer Concert Series Returns to Meaford

The Meaford Summer Concert Series which takes place in the Market Square (beside Meaford Hall) will be returning this year with another exciting lineup that combines acts brought in from outside the area with local artists to create a free event on select Friday evenings through July and August.  Once again the series has been organized by Chris Scerri (now Chris Scerri Presents.com).  Last year’s series was the catalyst that initiated an impressive growth in live music locally, and, incidentally, was the reason for this website coming into existence.  Once again a number of sponsors have stepped up to make the series possible, led by the Meaford BIA and the Meaford Hall & Culture Foundation.

“One thing this year that’s different,” says Chris, “is that we will not only include young local artists, but there will be other opening acts to give local artists a chance to participate.”

Cry For Ophelia beat out a dozen other contenders to win the Battle of The Bands

The Ted Brownlow Band

The youth contingent last year was an important part of the series, showcasing some of the incredible talent that has emerged from Patrick Delaney’s music program at the high school.  It included the Ted Brownlow Band, a previous GBSS winner of Battle of The Bands, and Cry For Ophelia, a band which won this year’s Battle of The Bands and has been booked to be part of Meaford’s Canada Day Celebration.

Another change this year is that the same artists that appear as openers for the headliners at the main stage in the Market Square will head across the street afterwards to perform for the evening at The Leeky Canoe, which is one of the sponsors of the series.  Last year it evolved that visiting bands enjoyed themselves so much performing in the Market Square that pretty much all of them extended the night by going to The Leeky afterward.

One of the by-products of last year’s series was that the headliners who were brought in to play, most of whom had never performed in Meaford before, liked it so much they have returned often to play Meaford again, helping to create the buzz which is making the town’s reputation as a centre for live music.  The most notable of these is Tyler Yarema, often performing with Gracie.  They have become an integral part of the fabric of live music in Meaford and Tyler has worked with Chris to create a number of amazing shows through the year.

“I’m always hoping they’ll come back to Meaford one way or another,” says Chris of the out-of-town artists, “whether at a venue or a festival.”

You’ll learn a lot more details about the concerts by keeping an eye on this website so stay tuned.

There has been a lot of growth in interest in live music in the past year, not only in Meaford but in the surrounding area.  Meaford’s reputation for live music has grown to the extent that it will be included for the first time in this year’s Peak To Shore Festival sponsored by Blue Mountain Village.

Bruce Wine Bar – Venue With A Vision

A restaurant or bar that provides live music can approach it from a number of different ways. It can range from quiet atmospheric dinner music to generic rock, billed as Live Music Tonight.  Bruce Wine Bar in Thornbury stands out as a unique venue for several reasons.

Steven Vipond follows his own taste in the music he books

The main difference is that the music booker at the wine bar is also the owner, and his choice of bookings springs from his love of live music.  Steven Vipond has become one of the most important music promoters in the area in the last few years and Bruce Wine Bar is simultaneously a welcoming haven for touring musicians and a stage for local talents to develop.

The talents of Jen Vipond and Shaun Edmonstone ensure that The Bruce Wine Bar is more than a great music venue

Steven is actually co-owner of Bruce Wine Bar, with his wife Jen and their head chef Shaun Edmonstone.  It’s an ideal example of a team in which each member plays to their strength and the result is not only a viable business but a night spot that satisfies patrons on all fronts.  Jen Vipond manages the place ensuring a quality experience for anyone who comes for the music, the food or just a glass of fine wine.  Shawn ensures that the menu provides tasty and and interesting variety.  And that leaves Steven free to pursue his passion for music.  Everybody wins in a setup like that.  Especially the patrons.

Steven is particularly fond of original music.  That’s the focus of the Wednesday night jams hosted by Drew McIvor and of the touring artists who come to play Thursdays through Saturdays.  It can be a fine balancing act to present original singer-songwriters consistently and make it pay.  Bruce Wine Bar formula is to have the performances divided into two dinner shows, at 7 and 9, with reservations required.  The dinners pay for the music and ensure that Steven can book according to his tastes.