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John Brownlow Previews The Summertime at The Red Door Tonight

John Brownlow’s homemade masterpiece, a 2-CD set called “The Summertime” is due out this fall, but he has some copies pressed and he will be offering them at a discount (!) to people who come tonight to see him at the Red Door Pub and Grille in Meaford. He is part of a three songwriter night again at the Red Door.  His first introduction a few months ago to Red Door audiences was as one third of a three-parter that included Bill Monahan and Dave Hawkins.  This time he shares the evening with young talents Greg Smith and Max Breadner.

If it seems strange to release an album called “The Summertime” as the season comes to an end, it’s actually a good fit.  This album through all its meandering narrative, sounds like the summertime.

John Brownlow, who makes his living as a screen writer, has an abundance of talent (if not of time) left over for other projects.  When he mixes his prodigious imagination with an appreciation of pop music that is part fan, part academic, he creates music that sounds like it was born in radio tubes.  He’s put together this collection of 29 songs that would be impressive for the quantity of output alone but in fact each song in the bunch stands up like a pop gem that, given the right push, would find a comfortable niche on many a radio playlist.

“I went into this with no real ambition to do anything with it,” he says, “I was a bit taken aback that people liked it as well as they did.”

The Red Door Pub Showcases Songwriters

On Friday, May 12th, the Red Door Pub and Grille at the Meaford Motel will be presenting a showcase of three songwriters for a special evening.  Since it began to feature live music on Friday evenings, the talent booked into The Red Door has had a slightly different approach from other venues.  With an emphasis on jazz and classical players, it has provided an alternative to the primarily rock flavoured acts that are featured at venues like The Leeky Canoe, leaning more toward what’s known as a “listening room” where people come to quietly enjoy the performances.  And timing the shows from seven to ten on a Friday evening means that fans can enjoy these acts over a meal and still head down the street to The Leeky just in time to arrive when things are starting to happen there.

The great success of the recent Gallery Concert Series at Meaford Hall demonstrated a genuine appetite for a small quiet venue that features original music, with almost every show in the series a sell-out.  To focus on the original music of songwriters can be a bit of a challenge but it is clear that our area supports that approach.  In Thornbury, Bruce Wine Bar has a policy of featuring original acts only and their shows on the weekends attract a loyal audience, as does their open stage on Wednesday nights.  The many other open stages in the area also feature a lot of original talent.  Jon Farmer has presented special songwriter evenings at The Bleeding Carrot in Owen Sound and they too have drawn capacity audiences.

As you sit through and listen to the individual styles of each of these songwriters, you’ll find yourself engaged in the spirit of the songs, and the stories they contain.

The three songwriters featured on this inaugural songwriters’ night at The Red Door will be Bill Monahan, David Hawkins and John Brownlow.   Although they have different styles, they also have some things in common.  All three are prolific songwriters who have a lot of respect for the craft, and for their audiences, writing and performing to reach an audience with stories and reflections that will resonate.  And although they have made their livings in different ways, each has spent a lifetime immersed in music, providing support for other talents and motivated by a love of musical creativity.  Their love of music has led each in his own way to become an integral part of music development in the area.

Celebrate Christmas And Dispel the January Blues At The Red Door

Come help the new Red Door Pub and Grille and The Browns Music Time Machine celebrate Christmas this Saturday.  It runs through the afternoon, starting at 3:30 with egg nog and appetizers, serving a big turkey dinner from 5:30 to 6:30 and then enjoy singalongs with The Browns with their mix of gospel, soul and country tunes that span all ages and genres.

The Browns host a Christmas celebration for the whole family at The Red Door

It’s a great afternoon way to celebrate with the family our community coming together for Christmas.  This is the first Christmas that Chef Benjamin and Helen Byres have opened up the pub and they hope it initiates a year in which they become one of our central meeting places for music and good times.

The Red Door specializes in home made menu items and locally sourced food and drinks.  Their approach to their menu echoes their community spirit in the upcoming season for live music.

On Thursday nights show up at 8 p.m. for karaoke.

On Friday nights Chris Scerri will be booking live music with an instrumental groove through January on Friday nights.  Joe Huron kicked it off last week and his January lineup features some familiar names.

Stevie Gee brings swing guitar stylings to The Red Door in January

On Friday Jan 6 it’s Stevie Gee, jazz guitarist and vocalist.  He has a flair for swing tunes from the 40’s so you can imagine it will be a pleasant evening at the pub to enjoy a meal while grooving on his tunes.  If you were lucky enough to catch Carson Freeman on the sax at The Leeky last August you would also have had a taste of Stevie Gee, who had come along to accompany him.

A full evening of Victoria Yeh’s virtuoso violin is something to mark on your calendar

On Friday Jan 13, Victoria Yeh finally gives us a solo night.  We’ve seen her accompany several other artists, at Meaford Hall, at The Leeky and at the Summer Concert Series, playing electric violin.  Her flexibility and sensitivity as an accompanist always adds another layer of emotion to any song she plays on.  The only trouble is her solos always seem to end too soon.  It will be a special night at The Red Door when she has the opportunity to stretch out and play on her own.

Jamie Baxter will be providing a rare evening of virtuoso classical guitar

Friday Jan 20 will be a rare performance Jamie Edmund Baxter, well known locally as a consummate classical guitar player and teacher.  An evening of his music will be another special treat for music fans at The Red Door.

Tyler Yarema has dozens of musical tricks in his bag to entertain on a Friday night

On Friday Jan 27 Tyler Yarema, Meaford’s favourite adopted son, will be back in town.  We know him as the musical director of the great Christmas gala show on behalf of the Meaford Hall & Culture Foundation.  His musical chops are so extensive and wide-ranging, he will be able to provide a variety of moods for a solo show.

These appearances are in a different vein than we have been seeing locally.  We have a generous supply of talented rockers and singer-songwriters in our town and surrounding area, but the chance to enjoy some good instrumental music in an intimate venue is something we’ve been missing up to now.  If it becomes a weekly standard at The Red Door, it will be another addition to the growing quality of live music in Meaford.

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Joe Huron Inaugurates Meaford’s New Jazz Venue

This Friday make your way to the Red Door Pub and Grille to enjoy the jazz stylings of Joe Huron.  Chris Scerri is at it again, making good on his promise of bringing more live music to downtown Meaford.  The Red Door Pub and Grille in the Meaford Motel is the ideal venue for the jazz and classical stylings that Chris hopes to introduce here, with a small intimate atmosphere and tasty menu items.  This will be the only booking of this type for December but in January it will become a regular Friday night feature from 8 to 11.

Starting with Joe Huron sets the bar high.  He has earned a reputation over his long career for what CitizenFreak.com calls “distinct voice on the guitar that reflects a calm introspection behind a curtain of strong melodic play. Delivering warm tones; he expresses all that is true with an unhurried approach of a seasoned player. For the listener, we are all but happy to relax with his overall intent of inclusivity.” Meaford had a small taste of his virtuosity last September when he was at The Leeky Canoe accompanying Virgil Scott.

Originally from Arnprior, his musical family encouraged his ambitions.  He studied guitar in B.C. and Toronto. Joe played in the Diana Wood Quartet from 1990 to 1998, performing at the Montreal Bistro in Toronto.  For the past twenty years he has lived in Barrie, making his living from performances and teaching music.  His Sunday afternoon jazz at Fitzy’s Crabshack in Barrie has become legendary for the quality of the musicians who come to sit in with him.

Here’s a little sample of his guitar playing:

This is great news for Meaford.  A new live music venue with a different flavour of music adds to our choices for an evening out in Meaford.  Now that Captains Corner has finished up its live Friday nights for the season, you can enjoy live music just a block down the street at The Red Door.

Enjoy Joe Huron from 8 to 11 Friday, Dec. 10, 2016.

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