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Pablo’s Farewell Concert

On Tuesday, June 27th, Pablo Pardavilla will be performing a special solo concert at Meaford’s GBCS in the Music Room beginning at 6 p.m..  The event is open to the public and there is no cover charge.

Pablo is one of many international  exchange students that have come to Meaford this year.  He arrived just before the school year started and will be leaving the day after it end, and he has made quite an impression.  Not long after his arrival, when his English was still a little tenuous, he took on a speaking part in Meaford Community Theatre’s annual Remembrance Day show at Meaford Hall.  He helped sell candied apples at the Scarecrow Invasion and Family Festival.

Pablo is a high achiever.  His school grades have consistently been in the high 90’s. His photos of the GBCS fashion show were published in The Meaford Independent.  He entered a snowman making contest sponsored by the student exchange program and won first prize (a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey with his name on the back).  He entered a poetry contest in his native Galicia, Spain and won first prize (for the fourth year in a row).

He has pursued his musical interests while in Meaford.  Classically trained in the saxophone since the age of seven, he participated in both junior and senior orchestras at the high school, as well as the jazz band, and competed in the Battle of The Bands.  At Christmas time, he did a performance of “All I Want For Christmas” at the Leeky Canoe’s open stage (the video of which has been viewed more than a thousand times on You Tube).  At the final concert of the year, music teacher Patrick Delaney, expressed his delight in having him as a student.

“A lot of exchange students come in and they have a shy persona about them,” he said, “not Pablo!  He took the music room and the music program by storm.  You should hear him practise because he’s never satisfied.  Every note must be perfect.  Even if it’s a whole note that has to be held for sixteen beats he wants that note to be the best whole note he’s ever played.  This semester I’ve had the honour of working with him in two classes and it’s been a spiritual enlightenment for me to hear him play every day.”

Mr. Delaney introduced Pablo to play a featured solo at the concert, a modern composition by Ryo Noda that would be a challenge for a sax player at any level.  To illustrate it’s difficulty, the sheet music was projected on the screen in the auditorium.

“This is the most radical sheet music I’ve ever seen,” said Mr. Delaney, “This is not your do-re-mi, ‘Mary Had A Little Lamb’.  This is filled with trills, embouchure, technique that he has to do throughout the piece.  I sat in stunned fascination as this person played this piece for me a few months ago.”

At his concert on Tuesday, Pablo will perform this piece along with some familiar jazz and classical pieces.  This is Pablo’s farewell gift to Meaford, just a few days before he returns home to Spain, although he has vowed that he will save every euro to be able to return for a visit next summer.

Mr. Delaney summed up the feelings of the GBSS students and the community when he said, “We have thoroughly enjoyed having this charming young man at our school.  We know his flight leaves at the end of June and we will miss him dearly.”

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