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Life is Grand For Bill Dickson

Bill Dickson’s smooth soothing vocals and classic folk rhythms carry his CD, “Isn’t Life Grand” along a dreamy road that’s full of wonder.  It makes no sense standing there wondering why, we’re all just a bunch of monkeys and isn’t life grand (when compared to the alternative)?

The album really is about how grand life is. In Bill Dickson’s world, there is a zest for life that makes even the painful some sort of celebration.  He sings about a long drunken night counting off the hours thinking about his wonder woman that can become every woman.  He follows the lure of the sea in a light shanty about “taking my life where the wind may blow”.  He’s created a classic campfire song in “This Moment” with the sage advice to “live in this moment.  Forget about the future, it may not be here and that’s a fact,” because “if you’re watered and fed and you had your poop that’s all that matters.”

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There are a couple of femme fatales lurking in the songs: the shape-shifting wonder woman who’s kept him up wandering all night and the girl across the street who’s “gonna, oh my, I don’t want to say, but you can feel her rhythm from a thousand miles away.”  He can’t resist being pulled toward her but she would never be his, she likes choice too much.  The way he puts it, “She’s got feet and she’ll dance.”  As dangerous as they are, these women fill him with energy and the urge to dance his life away.

The urge to roam is evident in some songs.  In “No Matter Where We Roam,” after fibbing about having been someplace he wasn’t, he claims to have been to “Oilberta”, to “Vancouver, they speak Chinese there” and “to Chicago, I got the blues there,”  but  “no matter where we roam we’re all going home”.

Brian Miessner Brings His Own Brand of Pop To The Red Door

This Friday, July 21, Brian Miessner will be playing at The Red Door Pub in Meaford, accompanied by Melinda Camplin on violin.  Brian plays regularly around town with the popular party band Bored of Education, contributing bass and vocals.  He also plays with The Thirsty Night Boys, another collective of local talents, and in the past year or so has been gigging more frequently with solo acoustic guitar, billed as Brian Miessner and Friends.  This is usually a trio, with Bored of Education’s Rich Fletcher on guitar and Melinda on violin.

“Up until I arrived up here,” he says, “I’d never done a solo acoustic thing.  Then I got playing with The Thirsty Night Boys, and it just progressed.  I was always in groups before.”