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The Thursday Outlook – Sept. 14 to 18, 2017

It’s the third Bring Your Own Vinyl night at The Red Door, hosted by Tom Thwaits Saturday starting at eight.  This is a fun night. Bring your favourite LP, tell the room why you want them to hear it, and Tom plays a cut on the turntable.  It makes for a great night of oral history as everyone has a tale about their favourite cut, and the music ranges through everybody’s personal taste.

The first night, Tom even brought along an LP by Sons of Ishmael, a high school band from Meaford that established an international cult following in the eighties with their “seriously intense”  hardcore punk.  So you never know what you’ll hear.

On Saturday afternoon, Sept. 17th, James Keelaghan will be hosting the final in Summerfolk’s Music Biz Tune Up Workshop from one to three at the Suite Spots in Owen Sound.  This series, which has run through the spring and summer, has provided aspiring musicians with career guidance ranging from how to book gigs to the many ways to earn income from your music.  For this final workshop the focus will be on how to use jamming to expand your contacts within the industry.  By connecting with other musicians on a musical level, at festivals or conferences, valuable contacts and alliances can be formed.  “Learn songs by different people so you can go in a number of directions and that increases your ability to connect with people”, James suggests.  For those unable to make it this Saturday, James will be offering a shortened version of the workshop next Saturday as well.

What’s Coming In September

Now that summer vacation (hopefully not summer weather) is over, the Opera House at Meaford Hall is getting back into a heavy concert schedule with some exciting offerings.  There’s no point in mentioning the most exciting, which is a concert with Bahamas and Jason Collett coming September 29th, because it is already sold out.  If you have tickets you’re one of the lucky ones.  But if you act quickly you can still get tickets to the other great concerts coming up, all of them in the third week of the month .

Corb Lund coming to Meaford Hall

Corb Lund coming to Meaford Hall

Corb Lund will be here at Meaford Hall on Tuesday, September 20th.  “Fans have come to not only expect toe-tapping hits from Corb Lund, but also sidesplitting laughs,” according to a review in Exclaim! Magazine.  This former bassist for The Smalls is described by Mike Devlin in Nanaimo’s Times-Colonist as “alt-country all-star, Prairie poet, rock ’n’ roll raconteur and barroom bad-boy”  Pick any adjective and it sounds like a show worth seeing.

Joel Plaskett at Meaford Hall

Joel Plaskett

Two days later it’s another alt-rock band graduate Joel Plaskett, one time lead singer of Thrush Hermit.  Patrick Langston of the Ottawa Citizen says “the sincerity, gangly charm and touch of east coast accent that make Plaskett a perennial favourite on the tour circuit”.

Johnny Cash Tribute at Meaford Hall

Johnny Cash Tribute

So that’s the west and east coasts represented respectively.  Both artists have been known to dress in black on stage but the original man in black is represented two days after Plaskett in a show called “We Walk The Line” featuring Ward Cornforth as a 1960’s era Johnny Cash and a dynamic performance by Shanya Lynn Dawson as “June Carter”.