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Farmer The Band Visits The Barn

This Saturday, June 23rd, catch an early show at The Barn in Meaford featuring Farmer The Band.  This duo plays original folk roots music with a multi-instrumental approach that they call a “two-person-one-man-band” to give a full sound without the aid of looping.  From Southern B.C., they are in the midst of a cross-Canada tour and have added a stop in Meaford primarily because they are intrigued at the idea of playing a venue called The Barn, given that they are called Farmer The Band.  In order to play here, they will be coming straight from an afternoon concert in Waterdown to be ready for a 7 p.m. start at The Barn.

The duo, consisting of husband and wife Glen and Lourine Koide, originally came together after meeting at an open mic.  They chose their unusual name because their mission is to bring communities together the way that farmers do.  Their music is greatly inspired by what they hear of CBC Radio Two, in particular Canadian musicians like Joel Plaskett, Danny Michel, Bahamas, Del Barber, and Amelia Curran. They call it “roots Canadiana”.

Although they started off with just voices and acoustic guitar, they wanted more of a full band sound and they have added instruments as they went along, until now you might hear the two of them playing as many of seven instruments at one time, including kick drum, snare, trumpet, tambourine, hi-hat and harmonica.  The only thing holding them back from adding more is the limitation of their four arms and legs.  Their cross country tours stop at small venues that allow them a direct connection with their audience.

Here are some snippets of their endless Canadian odyssey.

Tickets are $10 in advance, $12 at the door.

Opportunity for Music Students

by Jim Lang

The Barn is pleased to announce a unique mentoring opportunity for local, music students. As part of hosting their weekly show, Fridays from 2:00 – 4:00 PM, Jim Lang and Mary Ackroyd (Lang & Ackroyd) offer developing musicians the opportunity to perform up to 45 minutes of their material in a professional, receptive, and constructive setting. Following the performances, Jim and Mary—and their colleagues, if attending—will offer an informal workshop. Topics can include tips on how to perform for audiences, improve song-writing and instrumental abilities, and how earn an income in music. There is no fee. Contact Jim lang:jim@jlang.com

The Barn Celebrates Sherry Snider

A delicious buffet was provided by staff and pot luck contributors

by Bill Monahan

On Sunday, March 25th, The Barn Co-op in Meaford held a special open mic to celebrate the spirit of Sherry Snider, who passed away suddenly last week in the prime of her life.  This was in addition to the popular open mic that runs every Sunday at The Barn from noon to two.  Organized by Jim and Mary Lang, this additional gathering allowed musicians and friends to remember Sherry, who was always present at every musical gathering at the Barn.  In addition to the live music a free buffet was offered upstairs, prepared by staff with contributions from those who attended.

It is always sad when a valued member of the community passes, but it was difficult to remain sad for long on this occasion because sharing the stage with every performer was a large photo portrait of Sherry, her characteristic joy beaming with an ear to ear grin that was familiar to everyone who knew her.  There were some in attendance who hadn’t known her by name but they recognized her face as the woman who was always positive and encouraging.  Those who did know her knew well what a special person she was.

Clark Little recites “High Flight”

Clark Little began the proceedings with an emotional recital of “High Flight” by John Magee.  The familiar poem begins with the lines “Oh I have slipped the surly bonds of earth, and danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings,” and concludes with “I’ve trod the high unsurpassed sanctity of space, put out my hand and touched the face of God.”

The “laughter-silvered wings” seemed particularly appropriate in relation to Sherry whose sense of humour was always paramount.

A New Opportunity For Fans and Emerging Songwriters

There is an exciting new live music development in Meaford thanks to the imagination and efforts of singer-songwriter Greg Smith.  He is initiating a concert series at The Barn Coop, one of the area’s most appealing venues set within the organic/holistic/community-driven entity that has become a very important part of the local culture in Meaford.

For a few years now The Barn has been hosting open mic stages on Sundays from noon to two and it is a venue unlike any other.  A community of music lovers has coalesced around the open mic.  Every Sunday the place is packed with people who want to hear a variety of local musicians from beginners to seasoned veterans take turns at the microphone.  The audience is always amazing, perfectly attentive and quiet, giving each performer a chance to shine.  Some performers who have heard of the Sundays at The Barn have driven for miles to come to Meaford to be part of it.

The ambience of the place is a big part of what makes it special.  With no alcohol, but offerings of fair trade coffee, organic smoothies and snacks, it makes for a pleasant Sunday outing that people can bring the kids to, in an airy, brightly lit room.  The presence of kids really sets it apart.  They are young people who appreciate live music and they not only have a chance to enjoy it but can work up their courage and perform to an audience that couldn’t be more receptive.

So Greg Smith sees an opportunity here.  With this beautiful community of music fans that The Barn has created, he sees the potential to present combinations of local and visiting songwriters in a family-friendly concert setting.

His first concert will take place on Saturday June 10th, with Guelph’s Tragedy Ann.  A duo consisting of Braden Phelan and Liv Cazzola, Tragedy Ann’s quiet folky originals will make a for a good pairing with Greg Smith’s unique narrative songs.

There is no place in the area more suited for a listening room than The Barn.

“I’m trying to fill a hole,” says Greg, who is always looking for ways to create opportunities for emerging artists, “House concerts used to be this great thing but now they’ve become something more, when you have Juno winners doing it.  It kind of pushes out the emerging artist.”