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The Thursday Outlook – Feb. 2 to 5, 2017

With the Leeky Canoe closed for renovations until next week (Chris Scerri’s open mic night will be back on a new night, a week from today), Thursday night is quiet for live music here in Meaford.  If you’re looking to take in some live entertainment tonight the best bet is to travel down the highway to Collingwood, where you have three entertainment options.

Graham Playford, a dynamic performer ,will be at The Huron Club tonight, a last performance in this area before he and his band Provincial Lines take off on a Southern Ontario tour with Dave Quanbury, an Austin, Texas based performer who will be at Gustav’s on Saturday night.

Jason Redman and Aaron Gardner, a pair of singer-songwriters who often pair up, both have styles that are reminiscent of the folk style singer-songwriters of the seventies.  You can find them at Gustav’s Chop House tonight and every Thursday.

Sean Cotton

Sean Cotton, Muskoka’s music ambassador with his special guitar case rhythm section, is at the Harbour Street Fish Bar on Thursday night, and then on Friday night , another rocker from that neck of the woods, Jamie Clarke, known as Myrle, will be doing the dinner show at The Bruce Wine Bar in Thornbury.

For open stage fans, the place to be tonight is The Corner Café in Thornbury where David J. Russell hosts.

Friday night in Meaford, head down to the Red Door Grille where jazz guitarist Joe Huron returns.  The instrumental Friday nights at the Red Door have really caught on, with the past two Fridays packing the place.  The music starts at seven so arrive early to get a good seat.

Chris Scerri

If you miss Chris Scerri with The Leeky being closed, he can be found at Gustav’s in Collingwood on Friday night, accompanied by guitarist Pete Devlin.  Pete, who is well known as a regular at Ted’s Range Road Diner on Wednesdays also plays regularly with poet/songwriter Larry Jensen.

The Honeyrunners

The Honeyrunners are moving in to the Huron Club in Collingwood for three consecutive dates this weekend, Friday and Saturday starting at 8:30, and then Sunday afternoon from noon to 3 pm for the Sidelaunch Sundays series.

Saturday brings the second in the caberet style shows at Meaford Hall being held in the gallery, this time featuring Peter Katz, a Toronto-based singer songwriter who gained a lot of attention with his first outing in 2010 and has enjoyed a growing international audience ever since.

The Argues Family Band presents an engaging mix of classic rock covers and originals with the multiple talents of Mom, Dad and their two teenage daughters at the Harbour Street Fish Bar.

Every time Bryan Leckie and The Kreuger Band put on a show it is a special occasion, invariably playing to a packed house.  This weekend they are at Heartwood Concert Hall with “A Night At The Kreuger Motel”.

If your musical preference is  the type of melodic British pop represented by bands like Crowded House, Squeeze and The Beatles, you’ll want to catch Greg Wyard Saturday at The Dam Pub in Thornbury.  A music veteran who has worked with Classic Albums Live, he is known not only for his strong melodic original material but also for a virtuosity that allows his to cover songs like “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Baba O’Reilly” convincingly with just guitar and voice.

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Music on a Snowy Weekend

Don’t let the snow keep you at home this weekend, so close to Christmas, when it is time to get out and celebrate community spirit and take in some live music.

This afternoon, Saturday, Dec. 17th, spend a couple of festive hours at the Red Door Grille and Pub celebrating Christmas with staff and The Browns.  You can expect egg nog, interesting canapes, and a big turkey dinner along with a lot of favourite Christmas songs that Heather and Doug will be encouraging you to sing along with, bringing back memories of those magic Christmases when you were young.  Bring your whole family along to enjoy the party from 3:30 this afternoon to 8:30 in the evening.

Doug and Heather Brown were recently profiled in On The Bay magazine because of their ceaseless contributions to the community with their willingness to play whenever they are asked.  They logged almost 200 gigs this year with their sentimental mix of pop, country and gospel tunes.  “We never turn anybody down,” Heather said in the article, “if somebody calls and we are available even for a few hours we’ll be there.”

Beaker Granger at The Leeky Canoe

Heat up your Saturday night at The Leeky with classic rock covers and Beaker Granger originals from the River and Rock trio.

To keep you awake when the tryptophan from the turkey kicks in jog down the street to The Leeky Canoe to see the River and Rock Trio.  They may not play as many gigs as The Browns but they are just as much a local institution, with a solid rock groove and some original songs by front man Beaker Granger.

If you head west to Owen Sound you can catch A Very Foggy Christmas at Heartwood Hall with The Foggy Hogtown Boys, a band of veteran players that has the reputation of being the best bluegrass band in Toronto.

The Honeyrunners

In the opposite direction from Meaford, The Huron Club in Collingwood features The Honeyrunners tonight, a band that endeared itself to Meaford audiences this past summer when they played The Meaford Summer Concert Series, and later in the year when they returned to Meaford to play The Leeky.

Jayden Grahlman and Bambalamb make magic at The Barn on Sunday

By Sunday the snow is supposed to be letting up and there are a few daytime options for live music fans.  The noon to two open stage at The Barn Coop is always a special experience where a great variety of musicians and poets take turns expressing themselves with the support and encouragement of a great audience and host Jayden Grahlman.

Austin McCarthy

Singer-songwriter Austin McCarthy plays The Huron Club for Sunday brunch

The Huron Club also offers a Sunday afternoon show featuring Austin McCarthy.  A Collingwood native, Austin’s guitar style is heavily influenced by Stevie Ray Vaughan, B.B. King and John Mayer.  His songwriting has also brought him attention for its romantic emotional quality.  He’ll be entertaining the brunch crowd starting at noon.

And Sunday night, starting at 7:30 end off your weekend with another Fist Full of Glitter, a show added by Rock The Sound, featuring a great community choir along with other performers.

Or if you can get tickets, see Quartette at Owen Sound’s Roxy, the legendary singing group that includes Sylvia Tyson, Caitlin Hanford, Cindy Church and Gwen Swick.

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Folk, Gospel and The Beatles This Week in Meaford

Two members of The Honeyrunners, Dan Dwoskin and Guillermo Subauste,  who made a great impression this summer at the Meaford Summer Concert Series, will be playing at The Leeky Canoe on Thursday.

Friday night at The Marsh Street Centre in Clarksburg, Dean Hollin presents the story and songs of Hoagy Carmichael with his 8-piece jazz band. Tickets for this show can be purchased at Stuff To Read here in Meaford for just $25 and $5 for students.

River and Rock with singer-songwriter Beaker Granger will be returning to The Leeky on Saturday night

On Friday night wood carver and singer Gerry Goldie will be travelling down from Lion’s Head to play at Captains Corner.  Well known in the community of Lion’s Head he is part of a thriving local music scene as well as a carpenter and carver and a singer of folk songs and some light rock and roll.  He’ll be playing from 6 to 9 at Captains Corner, with no cover.

At Meaford Hall, Saturday night is set aside for the Beatles #1 Hits, a multi-media show with letter perfect renditions of Beatles songs presented by an eleven piece orchestra that includes strings and horns, with a commentary by Q107’s Al Joynes.  Tickets at $37 are available at the Meaford Hall Box Office.

Donovan Woods at Heartwood Hall

Donovan Woods at Heartwood Hall

At the Heartwood Concert Hall in Owen Sound, Donovan Woods will be playing Saturday night, with Joey Landreth. Donovan Woods is a songwriter whose compositions have been covered by high-profile U.S. country stars and many Canadian country acts. One of his songs, co-written with Carleton Stone and Andrew Austin, “On the Nights You Stay Home” has become familiar to listeners of CBC Radio 2.  Joey Landreth is one half of The Brothers Landreth, an alternative country band that won the 2015 Juno for Roots and Traditional Album of the Year.

Rescue Junction at Meaford's Know Presbyterian Church

Rescue Junction at Meaford’s Knox Presbyterian Church

On Sunday afternoon the Knox Presbyterian Church in Meaford presents a special free concert with Rescue Junction, an award-winning Gospel and Bluegrass band from  Millbank, Ontario built around brother and sister Kyle and Kaitlin Gerber.

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A Celebration of Youth and Summer at Market Square

Last night’s concert at the Market Square was everything it was meant to be: a celebration of Meaford, of summer, and of local young talent.

from the stage

At one point in the evening, Chris Scerri, host and organizer of the event, told the audience that he had conceived of this Meaford Summer Concert Series as a way to bring the community together on a Friday night in the downtown core and he thanked all of the sponsors who had helped make it happen, noting that, in addition to the many sponsors who’s names are on the advertising, there are others who contributed without acknowledgement, like Bill’s Valumart, who provided food and drinks for the performers and The Scarecrow Invasion who lent their public address system for the occasion.  But most of all, he thanked all the people who came out despite the threat of rain to enjoy the music and be part of a summer celebration.

The unsung here of the event was local bassist extraordinaire, Johnny Roy, arguably the hardest working volunteer of the evening.  He arrived early, sorted out the available equipment and helped the bands with their set up, mixing and matching equipment from several sources to make sure it met everyone’s needs.  He tweaked the levels all through the show, running back and forth between the mixer and out front to make sure the sound was good.  And he stayed to help pack everything up at the end of the night.  He had even brought along his guitar when he heard that the headliners might be late in arriving and some fill-in might be required.

This isn’t the first time Johnny has contributed greatly to successful events.  He arranged all of the bands on Canada Day except for the last one, played in two of them, and shepherded every one of them through the sound set ups.  He is another great local talent who deserves Meaford’s gratitude for his contribution to live music in our town.  Chances are you’ll catch him one night at Ted’s jam.  If you see him say thanks!

There was a celebratory feel about the evening.  Many people arrived early and stayed late, and were happy they’d come.  Some had responded to the advance promotion, many no doubt came to support their kids who were among the performers, and there were others who were drawn to the music when they were driving by or emerged from one of the downtown restaurants after dinner.  People were nestled under the trees or out in the open on camp chairs and picnic tables; some enjoyed the concert from their cars, like a drive-in.  Near the front a few vintage cares, bright and beautiful, added a nostalgic decoration to the evening.  Some went across to Captains Corner to bring back some take out fish and chips.  Grownups and kids were inspired to dance and Zoe Young, with a hula hoop, swayed like a candle flame in a breeze at the edge of the crowd throughout the entire evening.

Openers, The Ted Brownlow Band, despite their youth, are making a name for themselves with a sound that is still evolving as they build a following through local gigs.  They put on a confident and impressive set with material that ranged from The Pixies to Arcade Fire.

The Ted Brownlow Band

The Ted Brownlow Band

The Honeyrunners had come up through the weekend commuter traffic from Toronto, and they played two sets of music that seemed to stretch and grow as the evening progressed.  They like to vamp on a rhythmic riff, create a groove that the audience can fall in with, and then change it up with dynamics that alternately inspire foot tapping and head swaying.  Never overpowering they created the perfect mood for this night and this venue.  The rain imitated them, playing its part perfectly.  It came and went, never strong enough to send everyone running for shelter but offering a refreshing respite from the heat.

The Honeyrunners inspired dancing

The Honeyrunners inspired dancing

Cry For Ophelia, an all-girl band, performed a relaxed set that brought a strong audience response.  Lead singer, Eden Young, at one point sat on the front edge of the stage to introduce and perform a song, her legs swinging below her, but she brought up the energy level with vocals that swelled and subsided with the mood of the songs.

Cry For Ophelia

Cry For Ophelia

Max Breadner was the only performer who stood alone as a solo act on the stage, with just a voice and guitar.  There is something unique in his vocal talents and he managed to inject emotion into his delivery despite the general party atmosphere of the evening.  For his last song, he was joined on stage by Chris Scerri and members of The Honeyrunners to bring the crowd back to the bigger sound.

Max Breadner with a little help from his friends

Max Breadner with a little help from his friends

When the Honeyrunners returned for their last set they had clearly caught the mood of the evening, which was both upbeat and casual, with songs that highlighted the blend of their three voices and gave lead guitarist Marcus Bucci and keyboard player Dan Dwoskin a chance to do some impressive solos.  They also let their guest, Victoria Yeh, stretch out on a few solos on the violin.  She is such a malleable performer, at times sounding like a lead guitar and at others bringing out the real emotive qualities of her instrument.  Although she can shred a solo with fiery arpeggios, she also has that rare ability to draw out a single note with a tone that tugs at your heart.

As the night wore on and the audience drifted happily away bit by bit, the band brought it to a close with a version of The Weight that encouraged the crowd to sing along, and impressed enough that there were calls for an encore, which they happily provided.

When the music ended, more music could be heard from The Leeky Canoe directly across the street.  There was Gracie silhouetted in the window, with her acoustic guitar and her amazing voice wafting out over Sykes street.  She was playing there with Tyler Yarema and almost everyone who hadn’t left to take the kids home streamed across to carry on the party. It was a summer night to be remembered.

Don’t miss the final show in the Meaford Summer Concert Series happening two weeks from now on Friday August 26th.  It will feature Marshall Dane’s rocking country music with a special set by Abby Woodhouse, winner of this year’s GBSS Idol.

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