The Thursday Outlook – Sept 7 to 11, 2017

The Red Door Pub in Meaford is the place to be on Friday night when John Brownlow will be previewing and selling advance copies (at a discount) of his new double CD called “The Summertime”.  He’s planning an official release party soon with a full band but on Friday he’ll be sharing the evening with a couple of our area’s coolest young performers, Greg Smith and Max Breadner.

“Iris” – 5 song EP from Greg Smith

Greg Smith’s EP “Lily” was produced by John at his Epping Studio.  “He’s a really unique songwriter,” John says, “He’s got an old head on young shoulders.”  Greg Smith writes songs that, taken collectively, tell a long form story and he delivers them with a complex rhythmic guitar and dramatic vocals.  The Red Door will be an ideal setting to be able to follow the tale he weaves.

Max Breadner has impressed local audiences since he was quite young and now that he is a teenager he is getting around more to open stages and is writing his own songs.  He is part of the upcoming youth talent wave in Meaford that includes performers like Emma Wright and John’s son Ted who has his own Ted Brownlow Band.  This small room is also a perfect setting for Max’s talents.

John Brownlow is highly regarded by local musicians not only for his writing and producing skills but for a series of videos he created called The Epping Sessions.

Rob Elder, the subject of one of those videos will be playing this Saturday at Massie Hall, another great little venue to be able to really enjoy the music.  It took just a single Sunday afternoon for Rob to create a multi-track recording of a song for his Epping Session, playing every instrument.  On Saturday night at Massie Hall he promises to bring “smooth acoustic ballads about girls and things, to his ‘jump out of your seats and dance’ multi-layered, live-looping.”


Horseshoes and Handgrenades band photo by Marissa Dolotallas

One night a month, Chris Scerri will bring his new band, Horseshoes and Handgrenades to help him host his Thursday open stage at The Leeky Canoe.  Tonight is one of those nights.  This great bunch of players will play along with jammers who come to play, making it a great night for performers and audience alike.

Tara Mackenzie is doing something special on Sunday afternoon at The Harmony Centre in Owen Sound.  “I’m going to reveal my heart and soul through my ancestral music,” she says in a workshop style performance with contributions from Steafan Hannigan Saskia Tomkins Trevor MacKenzie Mike Weir and Corrie Martindill.  Tara is from Ulster, a country whose musical traditions are woven through our Canadian music like a tapestry, and she will be performing “a serving of a very old Ulster (Northern Irish) singing style, that is not often performed in this way.”  This promises to be a sublime musical experience which includes interesting instruments from Ireland, India, South America and Scandinavia.

The big show at Meaford Hall this weekend is the Bruce Grey Country Jamboree – Meaford Style, particularly special because it showcases some terrific local talent.  Any time that Amanda Dorey is part of a show it is worth the price of a ticket, and Scott Almond, with his big country voice, will be there too. Another special aspect to this particular show is the inclusion of another new voice from our youth talent wave in the person of thirteen year old Barrett Moore.

Produced by Bognor Jam, the show is hosted by the True Country Show Band, who hosted last year’s Grand Ol’ Opry at the Music Hall of Fame Auditorium in Hepworth. The True Heart Trio, will provide some pure country vocal harmonies.

A lot of people are excited about Cecile Doo-Kingue, who is back in the area playing Friday at CROW Bar and Variety in Collingwood.  She’s famous for her guitar stylings, her strong African roots feel, and her disarming charm on stage.

Lots more is happening in live music, check the listings on the right of this page to see what’s going on in your town here at the bottom end of Georgian Bay.

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