Tinman and The Flying Monkeys Tonight At The Leeky

It’s an exciting event when Tinman and The Flying Monkeys reconvene to play a gig in Meaford.  “Rocking your face off since 1994” as their poster for tonight’s event proudly proclaims, the band that was once the busiest band in town has slowed down in recent years because of members’ other commitments.  They haven’t played The Leeky Canoe since January.

tinmanTinman and The Flying Monkeys, as least in local terms, is something of a supergroup.  The four members that make up the band are Martin Rice on guitar and lead vocals, Stuart Narduzzo on lead guitar and harmonica, Johnny Roy on bass and Beaker Granger on drums.

Martin Rice  plays less these days, with the focus on his growing family.  He performed twice as part of the Friends of The Library summer concert series this past summer, once with his father Waverley Rice’s band, and once in a show of his own tunes.   He is also part of River and Rock, although that band often performs in scaled down versions when Martin can’t make it.

Stuart Narduzzo was at the Leeky just last weekend with his band Those Handsome Hooligans. He is also a member of The Royal Pains.  In addition to his input on guitar, Stuart is an exceptionally talented poster artist.  Any band that he is part of has the immense advantage of incredibly eye-catching poster designs to promote their gigs.poster

Johnny Roy is also part of River and Rock when he can make it, and he regularly contributes his dynamic bass playing to the weekly jam at Ted’s Range Road Diner.  He contributes bass to the Shane Cloutier band.  He organized the music at this year’s Canada Day celebrations as well as playing in two bands.

Beaker Granger, in addition to fronting his own band, River and Rock, plays drums with RPR, and sometimes provides the house band for the bi-monthly open mic events at Heartwood Hall in Owen Sound.

All four of these musicians are highly respected for their years of contribution to the local music scene and tonight at the Leeky they’ll be drawing fans who have rocked to their music since they were the local high school band a few decades ago.

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