Tyler Yarema and Gracie Rock Market Square

Tyler Yarema
"The Great Canadian Songbook" at Meaford Hall

“The Great Canadian Songbook” rocked Meaford Hall this spring, including locals Chris Scerri and Drew McIvor

When Tyler Yarema and His Rhythm played at the Market Square to help us celebrate Canada Day 2016, he was clearly happy to be here.  “This is my new favourite place,” he told the audience, “Whenever I have a few days off I come to visit Meaford.”

About a month earlier there had been a big party in The Opera House at Meaford Hall.  It was a show called “The Great Canadian Songbook”.  A varied group of musicians from the Toronto area ran through two scintillating sets of Canadian classics that, by the end of the evening had the audience up and dancing.  Tyler Yarema, at the piano, was the heart of the performance and only member of the group to do a solo, with a heart rendering performance of Neil Young’s “Helpless”.  But it was the several interludes when Gracie came on stage that really warmed up the audience.  A young vibrant performer with a passionate delivery, she brought the audience to their feet.

Tyler and Gracie performing for Meaford Hall Foundation

Tyler and Gracie played jazz for wine-sipping schmoozers at Meaford Hall last fall

The two of them had been in Meaford before, providing light jazz for a Meaford Hall Foundation soiree last November.  When they returned to rock the Market Square on Canada Day the crowd gave them a warm welcome.

Tyler Yarema brought his piano talents originally from Thunder Bay to play the Toronto clubs with the likes of Jeff Healey, The Downchild Blues Band, and the late legendary Doug Riley.  He’s played, produced, arranged and sung on over 40 albums and won at least three awards for his piano playing, including NOW magazine’s piano player of the year in 2002.

Tyler Yarema at the keyboard

Tyler Yarema

His influences run into deep roots, from the rocking boogie-woogie of Willie (The Lion) Smith to the sophistication of Duke Ellington.



Gracie is making a name for herself, stretching her wings and expanding her talent.  Already she has a lot to show for it, and can make a song or style her own with passion and verve that hovers between Broadway and a smoky club.  Whether she is singing jazz or soul or rock and roll, she brings her special personality and an ebullient energy to the stage and audiences love it.

Their show was the kick-off event for the Meaford Summer Concert Series of Friday night concerts put together by Chris Scerri to bring the sound of live music to downtown Meaford and heat up the harbour right through July and August.  Every show of the series will include a local young talent and this one featured the remarkable vocalist Emma Wright.

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